In case you missed it, Kergin’s got you covered: Things you probably didn’t see happening around you last week

Brendan Kergin, News Editor  Ω


The gals and guys up at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland have discovered a particles called neutrinos that may travel faster than light, which means many modern physics theories may have to reviewed. What does E = if m is fine but c is no longer the constant?

Greece and Italy rotate leaders in effort to stave off more economic woes. Italy’s infamous Silvio Berlusconi has stepped down, though he’s not totally out of the spotlight. Greece, well, that’s just the economic equivalent of the ‘Nucks Stanley Cup Finals game seven last year, riot included.

Syria’s rebellion is going well for workers in bullet factories. The Occupy Wall Street crowd have to be happy its not in Damascus, as BBC is reporting 3,500 dead in clashes with the government. Parallels to Libya and Egypt are, of course, being drawn.


The NDP leadership race is going on to replace the moustachioed one himself, Jack Layton. While the nation has recovered from Layton’s passing, his beloved party is in the midst of rooting around through its MPs and other politicians to pull out another leader like that. Meanwhile the official opposition is lacking leadership in the house of commons.

An “honour killing” trial in Ontario is raising some questions of culture in Canada. Whether you believe the family is guilty of murdering three daughters and an ex-wife or not is not the only debate. It gets down into the sometimes gritty nature of Canada’s multiculturalism, like should we even be using the term, “honour killing”?

@PatMartinMP – “This is a fucking disgrace…closure again. And on the Budget! There’s not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot shit.” MP Pat Martin (representing Winnipeg Centre) drops a tweeted f-bomb and media blows up for a day. A few offended, many worried about the escalating tone of disrespect in government and many others agreeing.


Christy Clark has returned from China and India after embarking on BC’s largest trade mission. While it may have many long-term implications for BC, the most exciting thing for many was the bid for 2013’s Bollywood IIFA Awards (their version of the Oscars or Genies but held around the world).

Occupy in Victoria and Vancouver have been ordered out of their places of occupation. The Victoria encampment, as of Sunday, had packed up and plan to “morph the movement in Victoria” according to their website. Occupy Vancouver, while moving slower, looks to be in the same category.

There was an earthquake nearby. No, really! Penticton, Kelowna and most of the rest of the south Okanagan got shaken up Friday morning with a 4.6-magnitude quake.


BC Hydro is moving ahead with plans to put smart meters on all homes in BC. While this may not affect most students right now, it could in the long term. It’s one of those issues that’s a slow burn until you realize your standing next to a firey financial situation.

Occupy Kamloops packed up its tents after it lost a bid for a propane heater to help thwart cold winter nights. There was also word of threats uttered against them which is not cool, Kamloops. In other words health and safety won out, locally, over idealism. What ya gonna do? People would rather not be sick and stabbed.