Sport is a cruel mistress sometimes: a tribute to Tyler Lowey

Nathan Crosby, Sports Editor  Ω

Sports can sometimes deal the cruellest blows to people’s careers and lives.
That’s the way it sometimes goes.

That’s why we play and why we watch.

Clichés like “what lies ahead” and “any given Sunday” never tire in the sports world, because they are constantly applicable.

On any given Sunday, a life can be turned upside down.

Sunday, Oct. 9, wearing the TRU WolfPack uniform with pride, Tyler Lowey was at bat,

facing a pitcher from the Douglas Royals in an exhibition game.

The pitch came towards him – a high fastball – and he wanted a piece of it.

He swung and the ball fouled off the bat and it hit his face, smashing his right eye.

He will have one eye for the rest of his life.

As a result, Lowey will have a glass eye surgically placed.

The injury has forced him to leave school for the year, after just starting his third year in the bachelor of journalism program.

I was lucky to meet Tyler right before the incident.

Him being a third year journalism student and me being a fourth year, I was happy to

meet someone like Tyler who shared my enthusiasm for sports.

We also both cheered for Calgary no matter how bad things looked for them.

We were in Carlos O’Bryans and we talked sports for an hour.

He said he was interested in helping me with broadcasting WolfPack basketball and volleyball games and I was stoked.

We then talked about the MLB playoffs.

I told him the Detroit Tigers had the right stuff to win a World Series.

He didn’t agree and now the Tigers are out. I should have listened to him.

When I returned from the Thanksgiving weekend to hear what had happened; I felt completely sad for Tyler.

He is a thoughtful and intelligent guy, why did this have to happen to him?

That’s sports. An inch to the left or right and history can be re-written.

Without a doubt in my mind, or others who know Tyler, such as his teammates, classmates, teachers, coaches and family, we know he will get through this harsh accident and come out on top. I look forward to hearing Tyler’s name one day in the sports reporting business.

I know he will come back to TRU and finish the Journalism program and still be one hell of a ballplayer.

We’re rooting for ya, Ty.

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