Omega Expeditionary Force Presents: Bridal Veil Falls

Cory Hope, Arts and Entertainment Editor  Ω

How many times have you been sitting down with your friends digesting some Denny’s downtown, only to have somebody say, “Gee, I really wish there was a nice waterfall we could get to without needing a car, or even a bus.  If only there was one right across the street and down that path?”

The next time this happens, you can be the hero of the day when you tell them, “You mean you don’t know about Bridal Veil Falls?  This is Kamloops, you know!”

After everyone has paid up, tipped nicely, and made sure that they didn’t forget anything on the bench seats, you can all head down to Peterson Creek.

What’s more, if you head down there quickly, you could find this week’s geocache and win something.

N. 50˚ 39.518
W. 120˚ 19.779

Once again, I doubt you’ll actually need a GPS to locate this one, as typing the co-ordinates into Google Earth should yield positive results.

Fair warning, though:  There is a good chance you will get a little bit wet going here.
Some of the rocks can be slippery, so BE CAREFUL if you’re going to go looking for this one.

As far as directions go, in case you didn’t catch that hypothetical scenario I was going on about earlier, I’ll start over.

Go to Denny’s.

I don’t care if you eat there— this isn’t an advertisement — but I thought I’d pick out a location that an average student might be familiar with.

Once you’re there, look across Columbia Street and you’ll see a turnoff from Columbia that doesn’t appear to go anywhere of significance.

Head down that road, it’s where they keep the pretty.

If after walking any more than fifty feet you find you are unable to locate the creek that should be on your right, this type of game is probably not for you.  If however you find the creek there, congratulations, and pay attention.

This is the tricky part.  You’re standing by a creek, and looking for a waterfall.

This means, you guessed it: if you keep that creek on your right, you will eventually find what you’re looking for.

Find the piece of flag tape located at the co-ordinates I gave you (accurate to within 16 metres – I know that seems like a long way, but don’t worry, you’ll see it when you get there) and contact me at

Once again, please be careful looking for this one.  If you find it too difficult, or if you find it too easy, please let me know.

I’d love to keep bringing you out to explore places around the Kamloops area, and it gives me the perfect excuse to go out for a walk.

Editor’s note:

Congratulations to Walt Penner who won last week’s geocache contest. Walt received a copy of Cory Hope’s hand-made book, The Crystal Dragon.

Prizes will vary by week, so you never know what you’ll get for winning, but just by participating you experience your surroundings a little more fully, so everyone wins.