I suck at forming opinions. Please help

Brendan Kergin, News Editor  Ω

This week I wrote a story for this publication about a cellphone app for use in  the clubs (page 3, if you missed it).

Essentially replacing straight out ballsyness on the part of the male in the courtship process, it both seems to add and remove part of the equation.

With social media entering such a physical realm, it seems like our society is taking another step towards a technologically-dependent future.

Most people can agree upon that, but the question then becomes is it a good thing?
As with most things, I believe firmly in the grey.

That is, we need to use our grey matter to make a choice that will land in the grey area.
The interesting thing about this question on the direction our society takes is that it won’t be decided by policy-makers or corporations.

Yes, they will advertise and create propaganda to sway opinion, but it is literally and figuratively in the hands of the young people.

Students are in a somewhat enviable position to be able to sway the direction of our communications and media culture, with the understanding we have of the tech we hold and the capacity to understand its possible implications — and we will influence how the future forms in small and large ways.

Facebook didn’t boom originally because it was the best site or the most advertised.

People decided to use it.

Twitter lends itself to our use, but it is our own personal decision whether to participate in its use.

Yes, you may feel left out if you don’t follow the pack, but there is plenty to be said for living in the physical world.

To be honest I haven’t fully formed an opinion here, because it is complicated and a little too epic for one person, the internet and some caffeine.

That is why I pass this question to the students of TRU: how do you want your society to evolve over the next decade?