A bit of joy on a sombre day

Mike Davies, incoming Editor-in-Chief  Ω

On the day that will be remembered forever in human history as the one of huge tragedy and loss of life, one family and their small, tight-knit community in Southeast B.C. will remember it quite differently.

For four days last week the public was on the lookout for 46-year-old Randall Hopley, who was believed to have abducted three-year-old Kienan Hebert from his Sparwood home in the middle of the night on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

As the report of the missing child came out, some were hopeful that the boy — who had a history of sleepwalking — had merely wandered off in the middle of the night.

As frightening a prospect as that would be, the alternative was even more so.

The public was then made aware of the manhunt happening for Hopley, who allegedly spirited away with the boy in the early morning hours.

The public immediately went on the alert, using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, but after three days — and several “sightings” reports — the boy was still not with his family.

We then woke on the morning of Sept. 11 — the day that will always be remembered as the one on which the World Trade Center towers fell killing thousands of innocent people — to find that one innocent child was found on his couch at home holding his blanket, excited to see his Mom and Dad.

So often these stories end in sadness and despair.

So often we hear of a body rather than a reunion.

But while the hunt continues for Hebert’s alleged abductor — at least as of the writing of this piece mid-morning on that most infamous of days — I can wear a smile and share in the relief and happiness felt by the Heberts, the town of Sparwood, and all the concerned citizens who were following the story.

I do hope that his abductor will turn himself in peacefully to authorities, but so be it if he doesn’t. The important part has concluded.

The Hebert’s are together on this solemn day, sharing the joy that is family.