Welcome to another year

Mike Davies:  Incoming Editor-in-Chief   Ω

Welcome back friends — both present and future — to what should be another great year at Thompson Rivers University here in beautiful Kamloops, B.C.

Those of you returning to your studies will notice some significant changes.

That massive building smack dab in the middle of campus — the Brown Family House of Learning — is open and in full use.

In it you’ll find not only a new Tim Hortons (priorities right?), but also computer labs, private group-study rooms (like the ones in the student union building attached to the Campus Activity Center that are seemingly always booked), as well as the largest in-the-round lecture theatre in British Columbia.

There’s also a huge revamp of Old Main happening, and you can see what all that work will turn into at www.tru.ca in the newsroom blog.

Here at the Omega we’ve had some pretty significant changes, as well.

The physical circulated paper has been reformatted, obviously, and we’re also continuing to develop our website, truomega.ca, so follow our progress on that throughout the year and don’t be afraid to chime in and tell us what you think we can improve on.

We’ve also changed buildings — we’re in house four now — and turned over our entire editorial and management staff.

I’m literally the only carry-over employee from last year, and am happy to be serving in my new capacity as your editor-in-chief.

I look forward to the opportunity to put together a publication that will both inform and entertain, and I once again urge you all to get involved and tell us what you want to hear from us.

Do you want more information on upcoming events so you know what to attend on your limited student budget?

Maybe you want hard-hitting, investigative journalism — taking the student union and university administration to task on spending your money.

Let us know what you want us to do for you. We’re your paper after all — we don’t just put this out every week for our own amusement. If we hear from enough of you often enough, not only can we gear the paper more towards what you want it to be, but we’ll be able to put in a “letters to the editor” section as well, and you’ll see your words in print.

I’ll gladly introduce you to the rest of the team next week — when they finally all get to town and start working (just kidding guys).

So get your books and get to class, and know that we’ll be on the stands every Wednesday to tell you what’s going on.

You can contact us by going to www.truomega.ca and commenting on our stories or email me directly at editorofomega@gmail.com.