Kamloops welcomes the rest of Western Canada

Erin Guillemin and Tori Maxwell of Team Saskatchewan take on Alyssa Wolf and Denise Wooding of Team BC at the beach volleyball courts at Overlander Park on August 7. PHOTO BY MIKE DAVIES

Mike Davies:  Roving Editor  Ω

The 2011 Western Canada Summer Games are under way in Kamloops and since many events are being held at TRU venues, we at the Omega think it’s only right that we point out a few expected highlights for our readers to check out.

The only events held at TRU for week one of the games — Aug. 6-9 — are the basketball match-ups, which will be held at the Tournament Capital Center (TCC) in the main gym.

Week two (Aug. 11-14) has the TRU facilities filled, with swimming at the Canada Games Pool, volleyball taking over the TCC main floor, gymnastics at the TCC gymnastics club, and badminton in the TRU gymnasium.

Be sure to check out the volleyball events, as team BC has a close connection to our own WolfPack.

‘Pack head coach Pat Hennelly is at the reigns of the team BC men’s squad along with assistant coach Drew Venables, and two current TRU recruits are playing on the team along with many potential future prospects.

You might just be seeing the future of many TRU athletics programs at these games, in fact.

With many of the best young athletes in Western Canada participating, it’s safe to assume that TRU coaches will be watching these events closely, as it’s a great venue to do some serious scouting close to home.  And you can also bet these athletes will be primed to represent themselves and their regions and perform at a high level on one of sports’ big stages.

Who knows? Maybe the next Steve Nash will be out there.

The seven-time NBA all-star played for team BC in 1993, and went on to have an impressive basketball career, including winning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in back-to-back seasons and being named one of the best 10 point guards of all time by ESPN in 2006.

Don’t miss your chance to possibly see the stars of tomorrow while they’re just up the street.

Not just about athletics, however, the Western Canada Summer Games also give the provinces and territories a chance to show off and promote their regions, as well as show visitors that the city of Kamloops is a place to come back to.

The community stage at Riverside Park will showcase regional talent every day during the event from 4 to 7 p.m. and Kamloops’ own “Music in the Park” follows from 7 to 10 p.m.

Each province and territory has its night to shine, so every day it’s a great chance to see different music and entertainment from all across Western Canada — and it’s all free.

Free entertainment and celebrations of community in downtown Kamloops for two weeks — how do you pass on that?

I talked to two families who came out from Saskatchewan for the games, and they told me it’s the people here who make the experience great, so get out to some events and help make the rest of Western Canada feel welcome.

The full schedule of events and ticket prices — as well as athletics results as they come in — can be found at www.2011wcsg.com.


    • Mike Davies Aug. 11, 2011