A Sober Swollen Members hits Kamloops to promote album Dagger Mouth

Jessica Wallace:  Arts & Entertainment Editor   Ω

Mad Child of Swollen Members said that when Swollen Members put out the album Armed to the Teeth in 2009, they wanted to prove that they could do what was popular at the time – and that isn’t what Swollen Members is about.  He attributes this to popping 20 to 80 pills of oxycotton a day while doing the record.

Today, Mad Child proudly said that Dagger Mouth is the first album he’s worked on sober since 2006– something many rock stars would not be able to say.  He said that he stopped because it ruined his life.

“I lost everything to oxycotton,” Mad Child said of the four and a half years he did the drug known as synthetic heroine.

“I was a junkie,” Mad Child said.  “You lose everything spiritually, mentally and financially.”

Mad Child said that he was lucky that he was financially stable and that if he continued on the same path for six more months he would have been homeless.

The album Dagger Mouth is Swollen Members coming back to themselves.

“It’s about staying true to ourselves – speaking the truth,” Mad Child said.

Now that the group is back on track, Mad Child said that they are expecting to release another album July 5 – a sequel to Monsters In the Closet called Monsters 2 – and head back on tour again shortly after.

Mad Child is quite busy himself expecting solo album August 2 and to battle in King of the Dot in Toronto August 5.

The first stop on the tour started four hours after our interview in Vancouver, yet he sounded cool and collected.  He said that he had been busy cleaning, and he interjected periodically about the severity of the hail in Vancouver.

Mad Child said that he doesn’t usually practice before shows, unless it’s been a while since he has performed– then he’ll run through the verses in his head.

“We just go and do it,” Mad Child said.

Swollen Members will be performing at Rivers Nightclub Monday, May 16.

“Expect to have a great time,” Mad Child said.  “There will be crazy energy.”

Doors open at 9 p.m. with the Diplomat kicking off the night at 10 p.m., Sick Steen following at 11:15 p.m. and Swollen Members starting at midnight.  VIP bracelets are available at Mountain High Pizza or from Chris Lynch at lynch.chris@live.com for $25 and include a drink voucher, access to the VIP area and a meet and greet with Swollen Members.  Regular tickets run at $15.  To find out more about Swollen Members visit: www.swollenmembers.