The Fresh Foreigner

By Yasir Ali: Omega Contributor  Ω

It feels like a really long time since I last opened my MS Word to write something down, and boy does it feel good to be back.

For those who missed not reading my column last week, I sincerely apologize as I’d been down with a bad case of the flu.

Looking back, that week has been etched into my memory as one of those times that I’d do anything to have erased from my cerebrum.

It all first started with the flu, which hovered as I took a really awful midterm, followed by a not-so-flattering mark on the aforementioned midterm.

Then there was this thing—let’s call it ‘X’—which I was really hoping to get, but for some apparent reason the people behind ‘X’ did not feel the same way as I did and here I was, flu-ridden, staring at their rejection email on my laptop with red eyes.

And if you felt that things couldn’t get any worse, oh, naïve and concerned reader, you’re wrong.  For on my way to the end of the week, I accidentally ended up upsetting a couple of very important people who I dearly respect.

That said, things are looking much sunnier now, especially as spring is around the corner (hopefully).

Not only have I resolved to pay more attention to my oft-neglected studies from now on, but I also promised to get back to abstract painting during the summer holidays.

For those unaware, I’ve practiced abstract art for a bit over two years now. There has been a severe drought in the volume of my paintings since the start of this academic year and I’ve only been able to get two canvases done.

Before I end my column for this week, I would like to share a really unique incident from a few days back.

I was travelling to Wal-Mart on the bus last Friday. Here I was, seated in the front minding my own business, when all of a sudden I notice this individual sitting in front of me giving me this weird stare.

A few minutes later, the head turns to look at me again and I just find it awkward—really awkward. This goes on for a couple more minutes, when I finally get quite unnerved and decide to confront them.

Turns out she was my lab partner in geology class last semester and was actually hoping for me to recognize her, which clearly didn’t happen. In my defence, all I can say is that she had a hood on and I was having a bad week.

Moral of the story—don’t forget your lab partner, even if he or she has a hood on.

Hope reading about my miseries cheers you up—it definitely makes me feel lighter.

Freshmanly yours,