Sleep under the stars to raise awareness for youth at risk

Sarah Makowsky:  News Editor  Ω

Some youth in this city aren’t fortunate enough to spend the night under a roof, tucked into a comfortable bed.

To raise funds for youth at risk in Kamloops, Interior Community Services (ICS) has partnered with TRU for the first annual Camp Out on Campus.

The event will be held overnight on Tuesday, March 22. Registered volunteer campers are asked to bring a single backpack, sleeping bag and tarp for the experience.

“It’s a-go, rain or shine,” said event co-ordinator and Human Service Diploma student Matt Osborne. He’s on the ICS committee and is part of the Ending Youth @ Risk team.

Osborne wants the camp out to be as authentic as possible because youth at risk in Kamloops don’t have the luxury of a tent or other necessities. “It’s not reality for them,” he said.

“Being a youth is tough, especially if there’s extenuating circumstances and they have a lack of support,” said Osborne. He’s passionate about helping youth and plans to work with them in after pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in social work.

Students and faculty camping out will register and collect pledges from the community, which will help to support youth outreach programs in the Kamloops area.

Those interested in participating in the camp out can also contact Matt at or call 250-571-4082.

The Youth Outreach Program was resurrected by a Human Resources and Development Canada grant from the federal government.

In the past 18 months, the Youth Outreach Program has provided assistance to over 300 youth in Kamloops. Money raised will help young people learn life skills, find housing and build confidence and self-esteem.

Funding runs out at the end of March, so the organization is looking for ways to support and sustain itself in the community, said Osborne.


Nila Fisher (right), TRU Human Service Diploma student and chair of marketing for Camp Out on Campus receives a $100 donation from sponsor Dianne Lawson, owner of Thompson Valley Tours & Rentals.