Editor’s Note: coffee crazy

Coleman Molnar: Editor-In-Chief Ω

I heard a statistic this morning that nearly made me spit up my third cup of coffee.

In the month of November 2010, TRU food services sold over 22, 700 disposable cups to thirsty students on campus.  Most of these would’ve contained coffee.

This number does not take into account any drinks sold from Common Grounds or the culinary arts cafeteria, or any drinks purchased by people who bring their own mugs.

According to the Health Canada website, “for healthy adults, a small amount of caffeine has positive effects, like increased alertness and concentration.”

And this is exactly why we drink it right?  That little kick to get us through those two-hour seminars.  Heck, your professor’s already on his third cup—he’s starting to nod off and he’s the one doing all the talking.

For many of us, that morning cup is crucial.  We’re not addicted though.  We just really, really like it.  We like it so much that we don’t even hesitate to jump into that 45-person line at the CAC Tim Hortons that takes 15 minutes to ascend and annoys anyone trying to pass by.

We need our caffeine.  It’s clear.  A couple years ago a survey was circulated to students asking them what type of food service they would like to see in the new library building.  Students voted for another Tim Hortons, of course.  Thank goodness, I was starting to go through withdrawls.

But hold on a second, Health Canada also cautions that, “some adults are more sensitive, and a small amount for them could cause insomnia, headache, irritability and nervousness.”  Caffeine consumption has also been linked to cardiovascular issues.

It makes me wonder, how much is too much?  After how many cups does the average adult change from being alert and concentrated to nervous and irritable?  When do we cross the line from prudent student to jittery junkie?

Fearing what I’d find, I put down my mug and did some research.

Health Canada maintains that healthy adults should consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day.

According to the businesses’ websites, an extra-large Tim Hortons (20 oz) coffee contains 200 mg of caffeine, while a Starbuck bold roast venti (also 20 oz) contains a whopping 415 mg!

Holly hot beverage!  That’s a lot of pick-me-up!

So in one large cup of strong coffee there is enough caffeine to last a person the whole day.  But how many cups are you drinking?

Personally, I start every morning with a large coffee, one cream and two sugars.  I also start most afternoons and occasionally evenings with a large coffee, one cream and two sugars.  Depending on which coffeehouse I get my brew from, I likely exceed the recommended quotidian dosage of the good stuff on a regular basis.

Oh well, at least I’m not alone.  Cheers coffee drinkers!  Here’s to our heart rates.

Just trying to stay awake,



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