Editor’s Note: LikeALittle.com

Coleman Molnar:  Editor-in-Chief  Ω

Finally, a new way to sexually harass at school!  Thanks likealittle.com—Facebook was getting so old.

With the new online-flirting forum set up at TRU, students will be checking out the website to see exactly who is checking out who.

Being a firm believer in the don’t-post-anything-online-you-wouldn’t-want-your-mother-to-see rule, I’m not sure how I feel about this site.

There is a difference between flirting and sexual harassment, and fortunately, for those of us posting at likealittle.com/tru, that distinction is being made for us.

Administrators are in charge of deleting or editing any “offensive” posts or any information revealing a specific person’s contact information, if not posted by the person themselves.

So, I guess it’s up to the student body to test these administrators’ definition of “offensive.”

“Hey, girl in Heroes, you’ve got great big…personalities.”

I almost feel like determining the offensiveness of a comment should be up to the subject of the comment.

Unlike a Facebook post—where the subject of the post is most often the user—likealittle.com’s notes are posted by users, but about somebody else.

As I mentioned, this strikes me as a bit of an invasion of privacy.  I can just imagine some guy sitting in the corner of OM, trying to come up with a pun involving coffee and some girl in the Tim Horton’s line up’s sexy figure while tapping furiously at his iPhone.

At least now, if you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you around campus, you’ll just have to check online to know for sure.

I’m not sure I’d want to read a stalker’s journal, but I guess it might be entertaining—I know a lot of these online posts are.

Watching you watching me,