Editor’s Note: Happy New Year quitters!

Coleman Molnar– Editor-In-Chief

Every year after the month of overeating and drinking that makes up our winter holiday, people ring in the New Year with yet another party.
Dec. 31 is a day for one last glass of champagne or chocolate desert before the calendars are changed and the resolutions are set.
Nowadays, however, it seems that most resolutions are, for lack of a better word, irresolute.
My roommate’s decision to quit drinking in 2011 lasted exactly 12 hours—she was forced to consume a vodka caesar to combat the heavy-headed feeling that often accompanies the morning of New Year’s Day.
The fact that goals to lose weight, quit drinking, get in shape, or shape up in any other way are set immediately after the most consumption-driven holiday of the year is strange to me.
But even I visited the gym the other day and I’m embarrassed to say it was the first time in far too long.
While peeling off the tags and stickers on my brand new workout shirt, I noticed there were a lot of people around me who also looked like they had been away from the treadmill for a while.
During the month of January, the gyms fill up with new users, set on making this year better than the last by shedding some pounds.
Crowded work out rooms, a busy indoor track, and a pool full of newly inspired swimmers all go hand-in-hand with the New Year.
For the actual weight lifters, the flux of rookie users during this winter month is a pain in the gluteus muscle.
One of my more muscle-bound friends claims that he avoids the crowded gym during January simply so he doesn’t have to be constantly bumping into amateur exercisers as they struggle to heave weights above their flushed faces.
I didn’t resolve to go to start going back to the gym though; I just ended up there because I had finally had the time.
But after twenty minutes, my face was as red as an abandoned Christmas tree and my lungs were burning like the Yule log.
Looking around, I noticed I fit right in.
In a month, the gyms will have calmed down, most of the non-committed will have been weeded out, and people like my muscled friend can go about their regular workout routines, uninhibited by people like me.
Oh well, at least a couple days of exercise is better than none.  Besides, there’s always 2012.