Affirmations of an Armchair Quarterback

Mike Davies– Sports Editor

Welcome back fellow students and welcome to another semester of the Omega.  For those of you who forgot, this column is where I get to moan and complain about something happening in the sporting world—or praise it if there’s anything worth praising.
Once again I feel I should put out my call for topics or discussions you’d like to see explored in the Omega.  If there’s a topic in the world of sports you feel should be examined, feel free to drop me a line. My email address will hopefully be at the bottom of this (and every) column.
Without further ado:
I decided to write this piece when I found out Colleen Jones was rushed to hospital over the Christmas break, having collapsed from complications of bacterial meningitis.  This happened on Dec. 10, but I found out on Boxing Day while trying to find something to write for this column.  This made me realize that not only do people not know who Colleen Jones is, but they don’t care.
Colleen Jones is a Canadian sports icon—or should be, anyway.  At age 23, she became the youngest woman ever to skip a winning curling team in a Canadian Championship in 1982.
Seven years later she was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame.
She went on to a broadcasting career with the CBC and later joined NBC as their commentary person for the Winter Olympics curling events.
She returned to the sport to win four consecutive Canadian Women’s Curling Championships—2001 to 2004—and holds six gold medals in total from that event. Oh, and she’s won two World Championships representing Canada since she was inducted as well.
And I left out her two Canadian Mixed Curling Championships gold medals in seven appearances.
How this person can be hospitalized from a serious brain and spinal cord disease and for me to not know for over two weeks is baffling to me and completely unacceptable.
Maybe I should be blaming myself for not paying close enough attention to curling news—but curling is insanely popular in Canada, and I’m a sports nut, so shouldn’t I have heard about this on TSN at some point? Maybe during Sportscenter? Or read it on the front page of the sports section of the newspaper?  I later found out that there was, indeed, a piece about it in the Province, but I gave up reading the Province years ago.
I sure didn’t see it in any Kamloops papers.  If we’d been printing over the Christmas break, I would have been doing my typical level of research, and you can be sure I would’ve found out earlier and said something about it in the Omega, but we weren’t.
I guess it’s better late than never for this story, so here you go:
Canadian Curling Hall of Famer and Canadian sports icon Colleen Jones was hospitalized in Halifax on Dec. 10 after falling ill from bacterial meningitis, a disease which is fatal in 15 per cent of diagnosed cases.  The 50-year-old Jones is expected to miss at least the rest of the current curling season, and possibly to retire forever from the sport.
There you go—now you have the story—it’s just too bad no one seems to care.