We’re glad you’ve decided to contribute! We hope that the following guidelines will assist you in writing an article that is both publishable, and dare we say, a veritable masterpiece!

Write in an objective, journalistic style (no editorializing please).  Follow the rules and guidelines set out by the Canadian Press Stylebook.

Use quotes from reliable sources rather than narrative to lead the article. Start with an interesting lead sentence, then an explanatory paragraph followed by a good quote.

Articles should be approximately 500 words with a minimum of two sources. This is a very loose guideline, but it’s a place to start. Talk to us about other length pieces (especially when they come with photos).

It’s generally a good idea to write in the “inverted pyramid” style, with the most important information at the top. If a piece gets cut due to length restrictions, the cutting starts at the end, so don’t have information there that is vital to the piece. This is especially true for news copy.

There is absolutely no tolerance for conflicts of interest, so don’t use sources that you know on a personal level and do not promote a cause that you are personally invested in.

If you have additional questions about how to write a journalistic article, we suggest looking at newspaper articles and mimicking their style.

We recommend starting with something easy. Review a film or album, attend a speaking engagement and talk to the speaker afterwards and a few other people that attended, or review a restaurant you went to recently – that kind of thing will get you started, and we can guide your writing style from there.

It’s also important to note that the editor and copy editor edit all copy that is received, therefore most articles in the paper are not published as they were originally submitted. Everything that gets to print goes through various editors before it hits the stands, so don’t be too attached to your words.