TRU Campus Art feature

Teacher (POEM)


The one whose business is nothing but light,

Selling wisdom, aspiring to the virtue of height,

The one whose flame does sparkle,

Casting miracles to the rotation of a cycle!

For teaching is all about spreading love and wisdom,

As their kings or queens of their first little kingdom!

For children won’t follow what you say but act, 

When you load them with lavish laws to enact!

Is it seriously meant to encourage and foster?

Or to suppress by any means, and leave in a state of despair…?

Is it considered to be overly indulgent?

Or roughly protected by the help of a so-called consultant?

Is it exactly where it is supposed to be?

Or merely the posture of a set of formalities may be…?

Is it meant to nurture talents only through the so-called goals?

 Or to sparkle the likelihood of the untrodden rows? 


Is it meant to nurture and celebrate the moments of beings?

 Or to take you down to the depth of the shiny shallow screens?

Is it meant to be efficient, or simply placebo?

How about the love then, is it made of freshly-made rainbow?


For a teacher is to show how to think ‘n explore,

Not just a pile of stuff, loaded for you to store!

For the teacher is grown enough surely,

Not to heal the perplexities, they might have experienced previously! 

For teaching is the business of light,

May it not be stained then, with the earthly shadows of plight!

For there shall be no ends for the thresholds of love and wisdom,

As we learn how to celebrate the moments, through this cosmic earthly kingdom!

For the only pronoun matters is us and us!

The goodness, pleasure, and the happiness of all of us!

For the colors and the so-called genetically-modified features,

Have formed this diverse orchard of creatures,

So let’s practice us,

Let’s cherish us,

Let’s celebrate us,

For each and every single part of us, 

Makes us what we are, as us!