Local goodies fill the TRU food service offerings

In collaboration with Feed BC, TRU is adding local food items to its menus

TRU recently became a Feed BC partner, to show their dedication and appreciation for the local farmers in BC. Through Feed BC, TRU Food Services aims to provide mouth-watering and affordable meals of great quality. 

As the food supplies are at times, challenged by the four-season climate change, partnering up with local suppliers can help TRU Food Services to encourage sustainability across the campus.

The Feed BC initiative was originally launched by the provincial government with the goal of encouraging institutions to bring more BC food to government support facilities. 

Through Feed BC, TRU Food services have currently purchased over 30 per cent of its food from local BC sources. With a gradual increase in mind, the BC local suppliers make up 24 per cent of the overall food services.

TRU Honey cultivated on campus, Howl Coffee, which is 100 per cent organic and fair-trade coffee, Extreme Smoothies by Happy Planet in Burnaby, chicken and vegetable samosas from Nanas in Surrey and eggs from Vanderpool Eggs in Surrey, are some of the local products available through TRU Food Services.

“We are working towards increasing our local BC products and are actively looking for ways to increase that. We are sitting about 24 per cent of our total purchases being total and are working towards growing that further.” Aramark Food Service director, Jennifer Bissel said. 

The combined decision from Aramark and TRU Food Services was made in regard to encouraging as well as adapting to the need for sustainability across food services on campus.

In order to participate in supporting BC local sources, look for the local food label which is displayed on specific products. Grab a product that has locally sourced ingredients or is locally sourced, to play your part in being sustainable and supportive.