International student tuition fees to see another increase this fall

Students have mixed emotions towards TRU’s recent fee decisions

In accordance with the Board’s approval, TRU had planned to bring about a three per cent tuition increase for international students in 2019. With the tuition rates seemingly fluctuating, TRU made a three per cent increase in fees for the 2021-22 batch and has announced its next fee increase of 4.7 per cent, effective Sept. 2022.

As the tuition increase has been said to affect all TRU programs and courses, for new and returning international students, there has been a mixed response to the decision.

The past two years have been largely challenging for domestic as well as international students who have seen and experienced more than they signed up for. With universities closing and opening, inconsistently, students across Kamloops have faced multiple issues with regard to their academics, job opportunities as well as health and well-being.

“For those who are not fully financially supported by their parents, they have to do more than a single part-time job to survive and meet the daily demands of university living in Kamloops.” says, a second-year TRU student.

With many students being laid off from their part-time jobs due to the offset of the pandemic, the struggle had been increasing widely for the past two years. For the students who have migrated for their education from different parts of the world, the issues didn’t just stop at extreme weather conditions or depressive environments. 

In 2021, Kamloops had also seen a large spike in its rental market, and it affected the local students immensely financially as well as mentally.

Even though the fee increase is based on factors such as annual inflation and the increased cost of delivering high-quality programs, it can’t be denied that a greater number of students are being affected by the increase in the tuition fee.

“With many expenses to cover, I’m scared that my focus is shifting from gaining valuable education to getting my bills paid”. says, a first-year TRU international student.

Even as the University is providing financial support and other help is offered by the government, it is evident that many international, as well as domestic students, are being challenged on their future educational journey.