Be today’s leader and make a difference

You could be getting your Master of Arts in Human Rights and Social Justices at TRU

Recently TRU has introduced a new graduate degree in human rights and social justice (MASHRSJ) to allow activists to become leaders and make difference in the world with flexible learning methods. The program is waiting for final approval at this time. 

Wilson T. Bell, Interim Coordinator, MA in Human Rights and Social Justice says, “The program is still awaiting final approval, and there will be a press release once that occurs. Any discussion of the program before that occurs must be clear that final approval is still forthcoming.”

MASHRSJ program gives students the essential tools for effective activism and bringing awareness to others.

The program is built to allow students to change the world as we get exposed to more news, and social media about heartbreaking things similar to war, violence, climate change and many more. It’s expected to turn over our understanding of human rights changes as we get exposed to education, awareness and activism.  

Bell added, “Three features really worth highlighting are that the program is completely interdisciplinary, designed by teams of faculty members from different disciplines.” Also, “there is a core, required Indigenous way of Knowing: Resurgence of land Based Pedagogies and practices and core, required, practicum/experiential course, in conjunction with community partner organizations,” Bell said. 

MASHRSJ is important as our world needs to establish a stable social justice as our world is lacking in protecting basic human rights. Even something that is as essential as clean water,  is not guaranteed for all human beings.

Additionally, it allows students to examine serious issues that are crucial to professional, personal and organizational costs. 

The MASHRSJ is a condensed program which means you can graduate in four consecutive academic semesters accounting for 16 months in total. The program is taught by teams of experts drawing from all areas within the faculty of arts.

The importance of pursuing MASHRSJ is to get the feeling of real-life scenarios to get the experience working on human rights and social justice issues through connecting with non-profit organizations, all levels of government, the business sector, university research faculty, health authorities and serving the community in many aspects. 

You can choose to make your program course-based, thesis-based, project-based or creative expression project.

If you want to make a notable difference in our world, then go for the MASHRSJ course at TRU which can further expand your career opportunities and make you a future leader.