KAC showcases local artists in Art Exposed

The annual juried showcase dazzled the community with nearly 120 artists

The Old Courthouse was filled with paintings, drawings and other forms of visual art from around 120 local artists from the region. Kamloops’s residents had the chance to explore the talent of those living in the city.

Tanya Nielsen, executive director of the Kamloops Arts Council is one of the organizers of this event. “I oversee the running of the Kamloops Arts Council. This involves coordinating the staff for our events, workshops, and exhibitions, giving them the support they need to plan our programs, liaising with our Board of Directors to shape the vision of the Arts Council, and coming up with the budgets and schedules for the year,” said Nielsen.

While this is Nielsen’s first Art Exposed, she talked about the idea behind it. “Art Exposed is one of the largest exhibitions in the region and it has been an annual event for the last 12 years. It’s an opportunity to showcase any artist who is a resident of the Thompson Nicola Regional District, emerging to established, children to senior citizens.”

“Anyone can submit to the show, and that is the heart of Art Exposed. It is a celebration of the artistic talent of the community, and it is a very talented community. We have been getting so many great comments from the public regarding the show,” added Nielsen.

The process to select and submit artwork is similar to a contest. “Once we hit 250 works, we have a committee review the artworks and select works, this way, more people have a chance at being shown. We then have three jurors review the works and decide on winners and honourable mentions. This part can be difficult, because how do you choose from so many great works?” said Nielsen.

“Seeing an event come together and everyone enjoying it! We are so lucky to be well-loved and supported by our community, so it is amazing to see them enjoying our events,” said Nielsen on the most rewarding thing about working in the Arts Council.

The public was welcomed to buy the artwork exhibited at the Old Courthouse. “The money from sales goes towards the artists and the Arts Council receives a commission. It helps us continue to provide these programs and events for the community, and plan for next year,” explained Nielsen.

The last couple of years have been hard for Art Exposed due to COVID-19. “I know that it has been hard the last couple of years with restrictions and protocols being what they were, but the exhibition survived, and I think that this was a great event for us to have at this moment,” said Nielsen.

After appreciating all the artwork, people got the chance to vote for their favourite piece. The Old Courthouse also offers demonstrations and workshops for those interested in learning a new art form and other events such as an artisan fair. More information about future events can be found at Kamloops.me.