TRU provides supports for those affected by the current Ukraine conflict

As Russia’s military forces have crossed the borders of Ukraine for invasion many students, staff and faculty members may be worried and stressed about their Ukrainian families and friends.

A statement released by Brett Fairbairn, President and Vice-Chancellor and Baihua Chadwick, Vice-President International stated that “this act of war will leave many feelings frightened and unsettled. Our collective sense of world order and security will be challenged by this aggression, and we must be mindful of the impacts this will have on all our mental health. This is a time for everyone at TRU to come together in a spirit of empathy and support, to help one another. Please be mindful of how these events could affect people around you and show your support.”

If you are one of the affected students, kindly use any of the following resources for help and support in these uncertain times.

The TRU Counselling service aims to support and promote academic success and personal growth of all TRU students. All employers are professionals in finding solutions for the problem and offer help in dealing with depression, anxiety, stress or any other type of personal issues. The Counselling service is a safe, respectful and affirming atmosphere for all students irrespective of their gender or race so, you can feel free to express your emotions.

The Here2talk service is perfect if you have mixed emotions and feel that you cannot leave your room or meet anyone. It is one of the best solutions as the meetings are conducted virtually and through phone calls.

They connect you with mental health support which is free, confidential as well as counselling and community referral services which are available 24/7. In order to use their services, you can download the application on your phone, use the website or dial  1-877-857-3397.

ThisTRU’s confidential Employee Family Assistance Program, Lifeworks, provides service to support staff, families and dependents. It is free of cost and offers crisis support, available 24/7 at 1-877-207-8833.

On February 28, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy hosted a prayer for those who are affected by the Ukrainian conflict. Additionally, the Wellness Center SWAT members invite students to come to the Wellness Center and talk with them as it can help in keeping the negative thoughts away.

International Student Advisors (ISA) are always available to help. Reach out to your ISA’s email about your concern or problem and they will be assisting you, as students’ mental health and success are their top priority.

TRU is asking us to cooperate, be mindful in this situation, and act kindly to one another. Standing together in these unusual times enables us to be stronger and creates a better world to live in.