Do you have ideas to make TRU more cyclist friendly?

The Sustainability Office is looking to build a bicycle incentive program with student input

The Sustainability Office is aiming to build the best bicycle commuting incentive program based on feedback from students, staff, and employees.

Since we are back to in-person classes, and the weather has started to get better, cycling is a great option to practice an outdoor exercise and reach school while maintaining social distance.   

Students are required to fill out a survey which takes 5-10 minutes by entering your name and email for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the bike shop of your choice in Kamloops.

James Gordon, Environmental Programs and Research Coordinator said, “Our intention at TRU is to build the best bicycle commuting incentive program of any Canadian university. Your thoughts on how to achieve this, are greatly appreciated.”

“We want to know if they are regular bikers? Or do they bike as a way of commuting to campus? because their input can help us [sustainability team] build an amazing bicycle commuting incentive program at TRU,” Gordon said.

The incentive program is an opportunity for staff to buy expensive e-bikes with 10 per cent off the purchase value of an e-bike, up to $300 total “e-bike is a low emission mode of transportation that offers many health and community benefits, “ Gordon said. 

Additionally, the sustainability office thanks the employees who use e-bikes, by offering them a Seasonal Commuter permit.

The survey allows the sustainability team to know what is enabling or even disabling TRU students from biking and it also allows them to understand the barriers that students face when biking.  “We would appreciate their input by taking the quick survey to help us determine what is important for them when biking,” Gordon said.

The Kamloops City Council report shows that 100 per cent of people living in Kamloops are supporting the idea of using bikes instead of cars to reduce the production of carbon monoxide as it pollutes the air.

There are many benefits of using e-bike that can make a huge difference on one’s own self or in the community.

The Sustainability Office is enabling TRU students to borrow or reserve a bike for their transportation. For more information, kindly visit and make sure you use your TRU email when reserving a bike.