The Wellness Centre introduces Kindness day

The Wellness Centre encouraged students to spread kindness across campus

On Feb. 16, the TRU Wellness Centre invited everyone to meet outside of Old Main to help build a kindness wall in hopes of cultivating a kinder campus environment.

Olivia Lane, a student wellness ambassador and co-leader of the Kindness Initiative said, “The purpose of the Kindness Initiative is to spread the reminder that kindness begins with ourselves and being kind to others will bring us more satisfaction and happiness than we could ever have imagined.”

“During the week of February 14-18 we are encouraging students to share with us either online by tagging or messaging us on Instagram (@truwellnesscentre) or in the centre, an act of kindness they have done for themself or another person,” Lane said.

Those who participated were entered in a draw to win a self-care kit. “The kit will have items ranging from chocolates, face masks, a colouring book to blankets, fuzzy socks, affirmation cards and more!” Lane said.

These activities serve as a way of achieving a mindful TRU community that understands the importance of being kind.

“It took a lot of teamwork to plan this event. We are a team of five for the Kindness Initiative. We split into roles for social media content, promotion, organizing supplies, etc, and we were in frequent contact with our coordinators in the center for booking and ordering supplies through TRU for the event as well! We definitely would not have been able to pull this off without each other’s support,” Lane said on the task of organizing this event.

Working towards a kinder university has made Lane grateful for her involvement in the wellness centre.

“I think the most gratifying aspect of working towards this event is promoting acts of kindness on campus. I think the pandemic and the fact that it’s midterm season here on campus has affected students’ moods, so knowing we’re working towards an event that might just brighten up a student’s day is quite gratifying in itself,” Lane said.

The Wellness Centre has also put out flyers with kind words or messages for students to give each other. Some of them are compliments on character, attitude, while others are simply well-wishes for a good day. The notes of these flyers have been popular among students.

While Kindness Day will be celebrated for the first time at TRU, the coordinators hope it’s not a one-time thing.

“We hope to have this as a yearly event at TRU! This event follows the Wellness Centre‘s monthly theme of kindness and compassion. As Wellness ambassadors we are to create events surrounding the monthly theme so hopefully, this type of event is something we can do every February,” Lane said.