Kamloops city calls for Exemplary Service Awards nominations

Applications are now open for individuals dedicated to service and voluntary contributions

The City Council has begun accepting nominations for the exemplary Service Award which will grant formal recognition to an individual who has dedicated their time in volunteering and services around Kamloops.

All nominations need to be sent through the form found on the City of Kamloops website in its correct format. The City Council is going to be in charge of selecting this year’s recipients.

The Service Award is divided into two sections. The adult section is anyone over 30, and the young adult is 29 and under. Students at TRU are welcome to nominate classmates who match the criteria stated by the City Council.

Anyone who directly works for the city or those who enter in groups do not qualify for the nomination. People who have previously received the Freedom of the City, a Centennial Medal, or a previous Exemplary Service Award also do not qualify for the nominations. No one is allowed to nominate family members.

The services for which they are being nominated need to have happened in Kamloops, and nominees also need to be residing in Kamloops throughout the process of the award.

Part of the process to nominate someone includes a statement that should be no longer than three pages. The statement needs to show the accomplishments achieved by the person you are nominating. The involvement in the community they’ve had in areas like volunteering, scholastic, athletic and arts and culture. This should describe the nominee’s impact on the city and how everyone has benefited from it.

Other documents that need to be included in the form are a resume of the nominee, short biography and two reference letters indicating the effect of their involvements written by someone other than the person nominating.

Those nominating someone can search the Kamloops website where the process is written step by step. They also provide a guidebook to answer any other questions. The nomination can be submitted through mail at the City of Kamloops Office of the mayor in 7 Victoria Street West, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1A2. There is also the option to email the forms and documents to Crystal Gelineau at cgelineau@kamloops.ca.

City awards are a way for the city to recognize the hard work individuals put into bettering our community. Each year Kamloops holds a ceremony for the winners. Due to Covid, last year’s ceremony was held online. If restrictions are lifted by the time the winner is announced Kamloops will once again see the ceremony in person.

Former TRU students Jan Antos, Gisela Ruckert and Aleece Liard were among the recipients of last year’s Exemplary Service Award.

The nomination deadline is 4:30 pm on March 14, and elected nominees will receive their award at a ceremony on April 20. Those not selected for the 2022 award can still apply for the 2023 award.