Don’t miss the largest Job Fair at TRU

Prepare, research, and get the job at the annual Job Fair

Mark your calendars on March 2 and March 3 from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M., as the largest job fair, will begin virtually for the second time at TRU.

The Job Fair is a crucial opportunity for students and recent graduates to build networks within their field of study, provincial, nonprofit and organizations and introduce themselves to the employers. There is a wide range of companies and positions that need you, so plan your resume accordingly. The employers are aiming to recruit full-time and part-time. It does not matter which year you are in as a TRU student you get a chance to build connections.   

The TRU Career & Experiential Learning Department every year hosts one of the largest job fairs in British Columbia and the largest for any post-secondary institution in the BC Interior. The TRU Job Fair typically attracts more than 80 employers with approximately 1,800 students attending each year.

Alex Duarosan, a Career and Experiential Learning Coordinator, says “Job Fair is an event you don’t want to miss out on. This is your chance to network with prospect companies, discover opportunities, test-drive career paths, and see if your occupational goal aligns with different companies. As the Career and Experiential Learning department says start early. As I like to say, the future is near, so start your career!”

Duarosan also said, “I feel like a common misconception regarding the Job Fair is that it is a networking event that is only oriented to business students. The event is catered towards all students of areas of study. Arts, Business, Education, Social Work, Tourism, Trades, Science and Health…. All areas are bound to connect with opportunities and employers catered to students and their career goals.”

Although the Job Fair will be virtual, it still requires you to be serious and confident so it can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, TRU has posted a video of the things that should and should not be done. Duarosan has given you some tips to follow before attending the Job Fair.

“Do your research. Before connecting with any employers, you should know a little bit about the company values and what they do. Never go in; empty-handed, as this is your chance to showcase your talents, abilities and impress employers, “says Duarosan. Remember that the competition gets higher as there are many students who want to get the position in the specific company, therefore, you need to have something outstanding from others that can make you shine. For example, prepare a clear introduction about yourself stating the important points, and try to give reasons why you will be a good fit in the specific position.

In addition, the Career and Experiential Learning Coordinators are always happy to help you with your resume “CEL helps you build your resume and offers help with interviews,” says Duarosan. So, make sure you visit them virtually or contact them through their email in case you have issues or concerns about your resume