Show your best dance moves at TRU Energy Dance

TRU Sustainability Office is hosting a province-wide virtual dance party to raise awareness about saving energy

The Sustainability Office invites all universities and colleges within British Columbia to TRU’s virtual energy dance on Friday, Feb.11. TRU’s Energy Dance is aiming to raise awareness about ways to save energy and encourage students, faculty and staff to let loose province-wide.

Building upon last year’s successful Sweater Dance event being held virtually, the sustainability office decided to continue the series with the Energy Dance event which is free of cost, COVID- friendly and held virtually.

The Energy Dance is crucial as it draws attention to participants to use energy wisely, while everyone dances with other participants in their bubble. Participants can tune in via Microsoft Teams and hit their home dance floor, just to watch others, or simply to enjoy the sound of music, the music will be provided by a live DJ- a common sound. The event features three contests with prizes. 

One of the contests is to choose your favourite list of songs and send an email to of your song list. Your name will be automatically entered into the contest where you can win one of three Visa Gift Cards valued at $50 each.

The dance supports energy conservation awareness and action. The latest report from UN IPCC paints a serious picture of the need to take action on climate change. Therefore, joining the dance can raise awareness on this sensitive topic.

Environmental Programs and Research Coordinator James Gordon said, “The hope is that it can inspire individuals to take action on saving energy, but at its heart, it’s an easy way to have some fun during COVID-19.”

Gordon said he, like a lot of university students, is over the pandemic. “We’re all tired of it,” he said, “and are wanting to do things we used to love doing in the past.”

Moreover, you have a cover charge to have an Energy Pledge. It is not necessary but you can check out the list of pledges and choose at least one, or make up your own pledge. Include your pledge when you email to register for the dance.

Gordon explained that “attendees can watch in any way they want.” Students, faculty and staff can get up and dance in their living rooms or just sit back and relax while watching other individuals in attendance have fun.

Gordon added that “you can even ignore the screen completely if you’re tired of computers, like me. Just come, enjoy the music and take action on saving energy.  Saving energy is easy, for instance, walk or bike when possible, turn off the lights when you leave the room and unplug electronics when not in use.”