Participate in the Solar Table design competition

TRU Sustainability is looking for your design ideas for the campus’s green energy project

Starting on Jan. 7 the Sustainability office opened the Solar Table Design Competition to all TRU students to promote renewable energy and community work. The winning design will be placed in a common area that will be protected from snow, rain, or direct sun.

Everyone will be able to enjoy an outdoor study space with friends and charge their devices.

This competition was created after the Sustainability Office saw a need for more outdoor spaces to study and socialize as well as a fun challenge that will be environmentally friendly. They also are hopeful that this will encourage the university to take on other projects involving renewable energy.

The designs will be judged in March by a team of TRU faculty, staff and some students. They will look at the creativity of the design as well as the economics and practicality of the table.

The submissions should also follow the guidelines of the competition to be taken into consideration for the prize. All designs should be submitted as a PDF document, both hands drawn and computer-generated software are accepted.

The teams or individuals need to have in mind a budget of a maximum of $10,000 which should include materials, labour and smaller fees. Metric and imperial measurements are allowed but they should fit the location established for the table.

Each table design should include a maximum of two solar panels. The size of those panels should be 2.08m x 1.03m each.

Along with the design, contestants need to include a 500-word description stating why their table should be chosen by the judges.

While the numbers and budgets will be looked at, the most important guideline to follow is creativity. The tables should reflect the purpose of the competition with four requisites. It needs to be able to charge more than one device. The tables have to accommodate a group of at least six people. It needs to show awareness of sustainability advocacy and be practical enough to be constructed. As a plus, the materials thought of should be sustainable, recycled, or easily accessible. 

Students at the School of Trades and Technology will be the ones constructing the winning table in front of their building where it will be accessible to all members of TRU.

Asides from seeing their design be created, the winners will also receive financial compensation. A prize of $500 will be awarded to those whose design is chosen.

Submissions may be made as individuals or in teams. All submissions must be sent via email at the TRU Sustainability office with the complete names, student numbers and phone numbers before Feb. 28. The subject of the mail must be “Solar Table Entry 2022”. The submissions will be presented as anonymous to the judges.

The winning submission will be picked by the end of March and connected through email. The design will be constructed outside the School of Trades and Technology in 2022.