Midterm week takes a toll on students

With midterms finally over, students share how they felt during exam times

Stress levels have been high the past few weeks at TRU due to midterms and courses nearing the end of the term. After a year of online courses, students are back to taking in-person exams. With that pressure now on, some students shared how they felt during this time.

First-year Tourism management student Anna Ivashynova expressed feeling felt stressed and nervous.

“It was the first time taking any sort of midterms, so I was definitely anxious.” More than that she felt as though those exams would prove something to her. “I was curious to see if I had enough knowledge for them,” Ivashynova said.

Not all students had the same luck as Ivashynova. For Tasneem Idris, a first-year Bachelor of Science student, the week was rough.

“I had a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time and I even had days with two midterms which made me nervous,” Idris said.

“They definitely affected my mental health because I spent hours in the library and didn’t sleep much,” Idris mentioned, although she did feel supported by the university “[she] felt like they do provide supplemental learning and most professors are always happy to help.”

Idris did feel like TRU could improve some aspects to make sure the students have an easier time; “I wish they could coordinate the midterms better to avoid having more than one exam a day.”

Some programs do not have midterms but even then, students experience stress. Sofia Sanchez, a first-year culinary arts student has to go through exams every two weeks.

“At first I felt really stressed, but with a better organization, I now feel ready for those tests,” Sanchez said. She also feels the support of her mentors, “My instructors help me prepare for them, and we always have time to review the subjects in class.”

“I would definitely advise students to start studying earlier and to have a schedule for everything, that’s what helped me get through the week,” Ivashynova said.

“One advice I would give is to always be on top of your schoolwork and assume the midterms are coming even If they are weeks away, this will make sure you actually study on time,” Idris said.

“Make sure you use the time in class to ask questions to the professors and create a study guide, but most importantly take it easy, breathe and have a good night of sleep the day before,” Sanchez said.

While going through exams is never pleasant, they are a part of university life. TRU offers different resources like the writing and math center that help students that are struggling.

If your mental health has suffered due to the exams, the Wellness Centre is a safe place to share those feelings and seek help. TRU also has academic advisors who will guide you throughout your degree and ensure you take the best advantage of your years in university.