TRU celebrates Respiratory Therapy Week

Students gathered to embrace all the important work the great community of lung experts do

Last Tuesday night, TRU Respiratory Therapy students gathered for the first of many events for Respiratory Therapy week.

Students ranging from the first semester in the program to steps away from graduation joined together for a few rounds of trivia on common respiratory therapy questions. An estimated 70 students came together in teams.

A multiple-choice question appeared at the front of the room, then everyone had thirty seconds to pick the right answer.

Questions included ‘what year the TRU Respiratory Therapy program was introduced’ (1979) and the other common name for frequently used inhalers.

An arguable tiebreaker was disputed between the two teams. The central sleep apnea question made the final decision.

Later that week on Thursday, events carried on with movie night in the Clock Tower. Students gathered around the screen to watch the film, Everest.

This film targets some important subjects that the respiratory therapy students understand in-depth, it shows how in the tallest mountain on earth the oxygen levels drop, with higher altitude comes thinner air.

On Friday, the closing of the Respiratory Therapy week concluded with a group picture followed by a social gathering where very cute Respiratory Therapy uniform cookies were handed to everyone.

The Respiratory Therapy program offers a three-year diploma and a four-year degree (Bachelors of Health Science). TRU is the only institution that provides this program in B.C.

Due, to the current global pandemic Respiratory Therapists, are in higher demand, one of the reasons for this is that they are highly trained in the use of mechanical ventilators which are used to manage breaths for the ones that are critically ill.

TRU expanded the program to 30 more students.

Fast track students are students that already have a degree when they arrive, they have to do one year in school and one clinical year in order to graduate from it. TRU is also seeing more fast-track students entering the program.