Applications open for the 2022 Social and Community Development grants

The City of Kamloops has opened applications for local non-profit organizations and societies in need of funding

The city of Kamloops is looking for projects created by non-profit organizations and societies to fund this next year. The projects need to provide solutions to community problems such as housing, childcare, homelessness, and security.

All applicants need to evaluate their projects and demonstrate why the city needs to fund them. The application includes various sections.

First, every organization needs to state one priority to focus on. These priorities are mentioned in the Kamloops Social Act, a 204-page plan first adopted in 2009. The strategy includes sections where the city needs improvement. Some of them are homelessness, transportation, the aboriginal community, environmental health and youth issues.

Applications can be submitted for different needs such as operational costs, special projects, special capital expenditures, or one-year seed money for a social enterprise initiative.

The candidates also need to follow the principles of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan created in 2010. The projects are proposed to strengthen the community’s well-being and promote volunteer work. They must improve the capacity to meet the specific need stated in the proposal while working together with already existing projects and be well-publicized within the city.

Applicants can search the Kamloops website where the process is written step by step. They also provide a guidebook for anyone with doubts. The application has to be submitted through the same website. The information asked for includes the details of those applying, the idea, how much funding will be needed and any other attachments that enhance the organization.

Kamloops has various programs and societies that could benefit from the funding. A Way Home Kamloops is a non-profit that fights against youth homelessness. B.C. Interior Community Foundation is another example of Kamloops’s many programs. Without Grants like the Social and Community Development one, those projects would not function and those who benefited from the groups would be pushed aside once more.

City grants are a way for the community to take part in improving their home. They also allow non-profit organizations to prosper. The city of Kamloops is committed to supporting local groups with financial benefits. Throughout the year everyone in the community has the opportunity to apply for various grants such as sports, community support and arts. For more funding information, the city’s website has displayed the requirements needed for the previously mentioned grants.

The Projects presented will be evaluated and awarded based on the quality of application and benefit to the community by the Social Planning Engagement Group, which is facilitated by City staff. All applicants will be notified if they have been approved or denied in December and the final award will be granted by the end of the year.

Although the grant does call for an established organization or society, the city will still review applications from newcomers. Those interested can apply for a grant of up to $30,000. The deadline for the application is Nov. 15 at 8 P.M