TRU welcomes future students to campus

Future students visited campus during TRU’s open house for a taste of life on campus

Future students of TRU joined peer mentors as they gave out the prized swag bags at this year’s Open House. This year, in adaptation to COVID-19 protocols, those who were not able to attend the day’s campus tours could hit up the drive-thru for their swag. (Mithran Akattutu/The Omega)

Potential TRU students visited campus last Saturday for the TRU’s annual open house with COVID-19 adaptations.

The TRU  Open House series began Oct. 23, with on-campus and program-specific tours offered throughout the day. With COVID-19 procedures, all tours take an hour, and tours are limited to 25 guests. Registration was required for Open House tours, a drive-thru and virtual information sessions.

All students who pre-registered were entered into the Fall Open House Series Grand Prize valued at over $350.

In case, if you missed out on the on-campus event, there was a drive-thru to get a TRU starter kit containing TRU Viewbook, Student Timeline, resources and TRU gifts.

Additionally, the Open House event provides a series of virtual information sessions slated for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings between Tuesday, Oct. 26 and Thursday, Dec. 9. The series involves faculty, students and staff giving webinars full of information about programs, opportunities and student life. Sessions are scheduled for one hour, this includes a presentation and an opportunity for Q and A.

The virtual is similar to in-person but in a virtual setting. TRU’s Campus Recruitment Coordinator, Holly McLean, “there are a wealth of information sessions throughout the day, so make sure you check out the schedule.”  In addition, “Each session will kind of do things differently, and within those sessions, there might be opportunities for break-out rooms and things of that sort,” says McLean.

The event looks completely different than the previous years due to the pandemic, “most of the TRU programs, school faculty and student services would set up booths on Student Street,” says McLean. As we are still dealing with COVID-19 there are some protocols you have to follow such as wearing the masks on campus and physical distance being maintained. You are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before your tour session.

This will maybe allow you to meet current students from a variety of different program questions and get answers. If you are finding a tough time figuring out what program is best for your career goals. The Career and Planning session will help you figure out how to connect your studies to careers and the learning opportunities at TRU.

There are also program information sessions such as the study places, food courts, Nursing & Health Care Assistant and Adventure Studies, Software Engineering will even be hosting a live demo of all the cool things you get to do in the program, Trade and technology.

Brittany Thomas, SOBE Coordinator says “this year we’re open to the community as well as any prospective students that are interested in knowing about TRU. We have everyone from TRU Alumni, current TRU students, community members and a lot of high school students as well. It is set up so that these students can experience what it is like to be a student at TRU.”

Visit for more information regarding the virtual schedule as more sessions are being added every day.