Students really look into what’s important

Applying your values in your place of study/work and workplace culture

The 2021 TRU LEADership series provided a limited number of students with the chance to better understand themselves and apply their new knowledge in the workplace.

People were able to network with other students and hear from Kamloops and TRU community members who shared their unique insights on leadership.

Students were encouraged to take some time to figure out what was important to them and how to connect that passion into a career. The courses gave students the skills to recognize when their passions aren’t aligning with their employment, learn about other workplaces and overall help students grow into ethical leaders.

Leadership abilities may, in fact, be taught and developed. Leaders influence others’ behaviour by providing a better future picture. Public optimism is the key talent of good leaders. Leaders express their optimism and deliver amazing stories.

Throughout the series, students got a chance to build their real-life experiences and stockpile coaching from leaders.

Many of the methods taught to leaders 10-20 years ago are now outmoded. Today MBOs and Forced Rankings are regarded as manipulative, unproductive, and destructive. That type of “leadership” will restrict your professional opportunities.

We all know that rigid management and leaders hinder creativity and problem-solving. We also know that flexibility can be learned and improved.

Through a greater knowledge of human behaviour and group dynamics, group problem-solving techniques that fostered conflict resolution were developed. Positive psychology was used in all of their leadership seminars.