Ease the stress of job interviews with a trial run

Mock interview gives TRU students helpful tips for their professional lives and beyond

Starting now until Nov. 26, all TRU students have the chance to practice their interview skills with Career and Experiential Learning in a low-stress environment. After witnessing many students nervous about job interviews, Jamie Noakes, Business Co-op Coordinator, created a program where Human Resources students develop a mock interview system.

This practice allows all TRU undergraduates to practice these important interview skills. They designed these interviews based on individual academic programs, and students receive immediate feedback from their peers.

The program started as a pilot test during Winter 2021, when Noakes heard about a new funding opportunity for post-secondary students through Riipen – Level Up.

“I’ve always thought the work we do in Career and Experiential Learning has a lot of Human Resources qualities. Within our Business Co-op program, I have a lot of HR students who are looking for ways to build their resumes, So I created a program,” said Noakes. “Our four HR students developed a guide for a variety of business, arts, science, tourism, engineering and computer science programs. They selected a fairly common job posting from that field and then created interview questions for that specific job posting.”

The biggest advantage of this project is that the mock interviews are adaptable to several career paths.

Getting ready for your first job interview can be a stressful task, which is why Noakes believes practice is the key to success.

“The more practice you have, the more comfortable you’ll be in a real interview. It helps with finding the right words and ways to respond to interview questions, which can significantly decrease interview jitters and nerves.”

This program is also a good way to fix your errors; “One of the most common mistakes we see is failing to research the company before the interview and not having questions prepared for the end,” explained Noakes.

He also had a helpful tip handy for nervous students. “Practice with friends first. Mindset is also important. Remember, an interview is a two-way street, and it’s an opportunity for you to get to know and assess the company too, check out their social media presence, stock portfolio, and reviews online,” Noakes said.

Student responses to the program have been excellent. “So far, we’ve heard great things from students who have completed a mock interview.  They find it helpful to practice and then receive feedback from a peer. The feedback from our pilot in Winter 2021 led us to apply for more funding to run the program again this Fall,” said Noakes.

Career and Experiential Learning also offers resources that help in creating your resume and enhancing your education with career-related work experience.

For anyone interested in participating, all you need to do is book an appointment through career connections, review the job descriptions, prepare your answers for the specific job or company and join the interview.