Back to school, back to campus

What you need to know about returning to campus for the Fall semester

TRU recently held two town halls in which the administration informed students of changes made to Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses and of need-to-know information to return to campus this fall. The administration also answered questions of note asked by individuals online prior to the events. Below are points made of note:

There is no mask mandate

Going into the fall, masks at TRU are a personal choice. Students may wear masks indoors and within-class settings, if they wish to but based on Provincial Health Office (PHO) guidelines and discussions with the PHO the mask mandate has been lifted in confidence at TRU this fall.

Students will not need to show proof of vaccination

Students do not need to be fully vaccinated to attend classes at TRU. TRU administration firmly believes vaccinations, just like masks, are a personal choice going into the fall semester. 

Although students will not need to show proof of vaccination, the administration does recommend students keep their vaccination records on them as proof of vaccination could be a requirement elsewhere. At TRU though, proof of vaccination will not be required to study on campus.

Students who are not residents of British Columbia can get vaccinated in British Columbia

The administration urged those who have only received one dose to keep their vaccination records on them because anyone living and or studying within the province has access to the COVID-19 vaccination. If students received one dose out of country and or province, it is extremely helpful to have a record of your first dose available when booking an appointment for your second dose.

If unable to return to campus because of extenuating circumstances, the administration urged students to reach out to their academic advisors

If students are in their last couple of semesters and cannot make it to campus this fall, academic advisors can work with students to find open learning (OL) courses to meet their requirements.

There are a variety of courses being delivered

There are close to 900 face-to-face, on-campus courses planned for this fall at TRU while there is a small number of online delivery courses planned for on-campus delivery this fall. Through OL though, there will still be online and distance learning courses available just as in years past.

Professors at TRU will be experimenting with blended delivery methods

Blended delivery focuses on the integration of technology, learning management systems such as Moodle, and digital resources to enhance students’ learning experience. With that being said, synchronous and asynchronous activities may be incorporated, and students can determine which classes are right for them in terms of synchronous vs. asynchronous delivery based on course listings.

Administrators suggest students immerse themselves within the campus community this fall

Adjusting to changes in our day-to-day life could be tough this fall but remaining active in campus life is sure to make TRU feel like home. Administrators urged students to get involved.