Trash Bash is back in the bag for 2021

TRU Sustainability and the City of Kamloops have teamed up once again to bash trash

Aaron Wiebe (left) and Twyla Downey (right) conquer the trash they picked up for the November 2020 Trash Bash. (Submitted)

Simply put, Trash Bash is a litter pick-up event, but Sustainability at TRU and the City of Kamloops have teamed up to offer trash bashers the opportunity to win prizes for beautifying the community and saving the environment.

This is the second time TRU Sustainability, and the City of Kamloops have partnered to create a wider Trash Bash event. James Gordon, Co-Coordinator for the Trash Bash event, said that the event was targeted to TRU employees in the past but has since expanded beyond that to include the entire community.

“Pre-COVID, it has been an annual TRU event and typically it’s in May,” Gordon said. “Because of the time of year, it’s primarily a staff and faculty event although students are always invited, and we’ve had upwards of a hundred staff members come out and then we pick up litter all over the campus … It’s usually always followed by a free BBQ in the horticulture gardens that everyone attends, and then we give out prizes at the same time.”

Now, the Kamloops community is included in the fun. From April 15-18, anyone in Kamloops is welcome to participate and pick up as much trash as they can anywhere in the city. There are multiple chances to win prizes for various categories, including the weekly draw for registered bashers, the most bizarre piece of trash picked up, the most trash bashed, the best team name, and prize packs for the most beautiful backgrounds.

Regarding this year’s event, Gordon said, “We partnered with the city for the one last November, retitled it slightly to the Kamloops Community Trash Bash and really opened it up to anyone in Kamloops who wanted to participate and made it totally COVID safe. People could sign up and go out, [and] go and clean up anywhere they wanted. We had a number of prizes which we’re doing again.”

An event like the Trash Bash helps the community in a variety of ways, helping to beautify outdoor spaces but also to help save wildlife and keep the environment healthy.

“I think it’s important that not only does picking up trash beautify the city and where you live, but it’s also beneficial for wildlife,” Gordon said, “There’s plenty of cases of plastic waste getting blown into the waterways and you see it regularly and wildlife either gets trapped or can die by ingesting it so it’s always a good thing to keep in mind.”

The previous Trash Bash with TRU Sustainability and the City of Kamloops took place in November 2020, and due to the success of the event, the two groups have decided to partner again. Although the future is a little uncertain, Gordon hopes that there will be more events like the Kamloops Community Trash Bash.

“We had good success last November so we’re expanding it a bit this time and assuming it’s another positive experience for everyone concerned, I don’t see why not [do it again],” Gordon said, “In the past, we’ve always had a good event with the BBQ and everything just for TRU folks so maybe there will be two similar events, one for TRU and then one expanded to include anyone in the city.”

Anyone is welcome to register for the Trash Bash event by emailing Once registered, participants will have the opportunity to win a prize draw taking place on Friday, April 16, 2021. Participants can also email their entries to the various prize giveaways by emailing More information on the Trash Bash can be found here.