Mindfulness event series aimed at teaching students breath work skills

Students given the opportunity to learn breathing exercises to help reduce stress and improve productivity

The TRU Wellness Centre is putting on a series of virtual events called the mindfulness series, aimed at teaching students breathwork exercises. The mindfulness series consists of four events, all of which are occurring through the website Eventbrite. Each event will focus on teaching students different breathing techniques. 

Two of the series’ four events occurred on March 11 and March 18. The first event focused on teaching participants breathing techniques to help them to relax. The second focused on techniques to help improve productivity. The final event is scheduled for  April 1. They will focus on breathwork for improving work/life balance and relieving stress, respectively. 

The series is part of the Wellness Centre’s efforts to support students’ mental health during the pandemic. 

“With COVID right now, we know that the mental health of our population is struggling,” said Wellness Centre coordinator Chelsea Corsi. “Our programs should reflect how to manage those issues.”

The series is hosted by breathwork & wellness coach Cheryl Hawrychuk of Kamloops-based Reel Life Freedom. Hawrychuk is confident the breathwork techniques can positively impact participants’ mental health.

“There’s the relaxing, there’s the grounding, there’s the centeredness that happens when we use our own breath as a tool,” said Hawrychuk. “Everybody has breath. The power of breath is so impactful.”

While Hawrychuk typically charges for her breathwork and wellness coaching, she is volunteering her time for these events because she wants to help students.  

“This is the community that I live in… I know it can help the students become their best selves. Be more productive, deal with less stress. I think it is for the betterment of our community.” 

Fifty-four students attended the first breathwork event on March 11th. Twenty-six students attended the second event on March 18. 

Hawrychuck says that several of the students who’ve attended have reached out to let her know that the breathwork they’ve learned has been helping them. 

“One of the quotes was ‘I think I’ve become very conscious of my breath now. I find myself intentionally doing breathwork.’ [The students] seem to be enjoying it thus far.”  

The final mindfulness series event will occur on April 1, 2021. They will focus on work/life balance and relieving stress. Students can register for either event through the TRU Wellness Centre’s webpage