TRU’s Spring 2021 Virtual Open House is right around the corner

Pop-in anytime on March 27 to learn more about TRU’s return to on-campus classes this fall

Are you interested in pursuing an education this fall but do not know where to start? You are not alone. Planning anything, much less your future, during a global pandemic is, without a doubt, challenging and anxiety-inducing. 

If at all interested in attending Thompson Rivers University, make sure to hit up TRU’s Spring 2021 Virtual Open House on March 27 to learn more about the university’s return to on-campus classes this September. Sign in online anytime from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. to chat with your future profs, interact with current students and look into the 140+ programs offered at TRU. 

TRU’s Campus Recruitment Coordinator, Holly McLean, said the Open House is “kind of meant to showcase what TRU has to offer to people who either have applied, and are just kind of in the process of accepting their seats, or who are just kind of starting the process of looking at what institution they might want to attend.”

McLean said that in the past, “when [TRU] would have an open house, most of the TRU programs, school faculty and student services would set up booths on Student Street.” She says the virtual platform is relatively similar but in a virtual setting. 

“So, when you log in, there will be different sort of ‘pavilions’ or ‘halls’ which will contain all these virtual booths. There will be duplicates of the same kind of information you would get in person within each booth,” McLean said. “Each booth will be loaded with important information and documents from TRU, promo pieces, advising sheets, admissions forms, information, and photos and videos from each of the programs.”

McLean added, “In addition to all of that, there is also the opportunity to live chat or video chat with representatives from each booth.” 

“There are a wealth of information sessions throughout the day, so make sure you check out the schedule,” said McLean. “Each session will kind of do things differently, and within those sessions, there might be opportunities for break-out rooms and things of that sort.”

“Each kind of booth or area is in charge of who they want to be at their booth that will represent them for the day. Some booths might have program advisors, like, for example, arts will have their arts program advisor there. But then, some other booths will have people like actual professors… and current students there too.”

The Future Students Office will be giving away two prize packs throughout the day valued at $200 and lots of other prizes such as crewnecks, water bottles, lanyards, fanny packs and t-shirts. 

If interested in attending TRU’s Spring 2021 Virtual Open House, pre-register here