TRU kicks off part-one of a four-part virtual Nutrition Series

The series looks to cover a variety of topics concerning nutrition over the next month

Last Thursday, Feb. 4, students had the opportunity to attend Part One of TRU’s Four-Part Virtual Nutrition Series hosted by TRU People and Culture—Health and Well-being. Part One, The Foundations of Nutrition, covered topics concerning macronutrients, nutritional myths and diet culture. 

Samantha Nielsen, the primary point of contact for staff health and wellbeing initiatives at TRU, said, “the four-part Nutrition Series originally started as an employee-only series; however, the presenters graciously opened it up to students as they had the capacity to do so virtually.” 

Nielsen said she and Chelsi Corsi, TRU’s Senior Wellness Coordinator, partner when possible to open up wellness offerings to both students and staff; “It’s been great to collaborate and take a campus-wide approach when possible… the Four-Part Nutrition Series was exactly that.”

Within the session, those in attendance had the opportunity to learn about the major groups of nutrients our bodies need, known as macronutrients and the signs and symptoms of not getting enough them. Attendees also learned about the individual roles of specific macronutrients, such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and why everyone’s required intake of those nutrients may look different from others. What your friends are doing may not work for you.

Becoming knowledgeable about macronutrients and our body’s specific needs can help displace nutritional myths and inspire us to avoid fad diets and diet culture in the future. Part-One, The Foundations of Nutrition, set students and staff up for nutritional success. 

Those who wish to attend Part-Two, Meal Prep and Planning, will learn ways to make meal prep fun, healthy, and cost-effective on Feb. 11. 

After reading break, students can pop back in for Part-Three, Creating a Strong Foundation of Health, on Feb. 25 to further learn there is much more to achieving health goals than “eat this and achieve lasting results.” Within Part-Three, attendees will discover the critical factors needed to create a strong foundation of health. 

On March 4, students have the opportunity to attend the final session, Part-Four, The Four Pillars of Mindset, in which they will learn about how specific mindset tools can reprogram our thoughts and then support us along our health journeys. 

Angie Olson and Eve Ridler, co-owners of Active Education Coaching, are presenting the series. They have been working in health and wellness for 20 years and offer one-on-one coaching, youth and school programs, corporate and community seminars, and more. It is their passion to help individuals understand their unique needs and achieve optimal health.

Angie began her career as a personal trainer; however, she felt there was a gap in the industry. So, she received certification as a Nutritional, Mindset, and Hormone Specialist through the Nutritional Coaching Institute to help individuals create optimal health and provide them with the tools they need to build a positive mindset to support their goals.

Eve is also certified as a Nutritional, Mindset, and Hormone Specialist through the Nutritional Coaching Institute. Her passion for nutrition and hormones began when she dealt with health issues of her own. After actively advocating for her health and facing the many struggles of uncovering her issues’ root cause, she became passionate about helping others improve their own health.

All sessions are free of charge and simply require students to pre-register through Eventbrite. Registration links can be found at the bottom of each individual event page on TRU’s website.