2020 BFA grads showcase their work at the Kamloops Art Gallery

Kamloops Art Gallery is showing the work of 13 BFA graduates after the Spring 2020 TRU exhibition was cancelled.

13 Bachelor of Fine Arts grads from TRU are showing their best pieces at the Kamloops Art Gallery after losing the opportunity to show their work in TRU’s art exhibition spaces.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the graduates’ ability to show off their final projects when the province went into lockdown in March 2020. Typically, the KAG will choose one or two students to show off their work at the gallery, but they decided to give all 13 graduates the opportunity when their final showcase was cancelled.

Craig Willms, Assistant Curator at the Kamloops Art Gallery, said, “every year, I curate an exhibition usually with one or two of the BFA grads, and I get them to start a new project, and it’s an introduction to having a professional exhibition in the gallery.” 

“Due to the pandemic and the restrictions, their year-end show couldn’t happen, so instead of doing our normal TRU annual show, we figured out a way to host their full grad exhibition,” Willms said. 

Willms said that the KAG needed to reconfigure their spaces to fit all of the artwork in and that the graduates had to select which pieces to include in the showcase carefully.

The showcase is made up of various art pieces, including digital media, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and installation.

“It really is a wide variety of materials, everything from sculptures, video, painting, there’s even an online tutorial project, photography and quite a variety of conceptual backing for all these projects as well,” Willms said.

Many of the pieces range in size as well, some paintings being quite large and installation pieces protruding out from walls and other spaces.

The KAG is excited to give this opportunity to TRU BFA grads and will continue to do so in the future as it allows recent graduates to experience a professional artist setting.

“We still maintain this idea that all the students are having this opportunity to show professionally, so we’re paying artist fees, we’re giving them that experience of getting your work together and have it come to the gallery and then figure out installation plans and have that support of our staff to see what it’s like to venture out on your art profession,” Willms said.

The exhibition is titled “Omnium Gatherum: a collection of miscellaneous things” and will be at the Kamloops Art Gallery until April 3. The exhibition is free to view and can be found in The Cube, The Open Gallery and in converted art studios at the KAG.

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