Wolfpack Women’s basketball team signs local star for Fall 2021

Ally Lincoln calls the courts of TRU home after a successful high-school career

Ally Lincoln had multiple options when deciding which university she wanted to play basketball for. After posting huge numbers with her high-school team, South Kamloops Titans, various universities were putting in offers and chomping at the bit to obtain the local talent. 

In the end, Lincoln decided to stay close to home and join the TRU Wolfpack; a huge signing for the program. 

“I am excited to play for TRU in my home town. My sister played a year here and my dad played two years with Cariboo College, so I guess I’m following in their footsteps somewhat,” Lincoln announced. “I have a few options to play elsewhere but this is where I have always wanted to be.”  

Lincoln had a successful high school career playing for the prestigious South Kamloops Titans basketball program. The Titans have a fantastic reputation of success in the AAA provincial championships and have produced many collegiate stars including NBA player Kelly Olynyk. 

Lincoln won athlete of the year in grades 10 and 12, verifying her huge potential. 

“Our coaches developed us as players really well. We were always competitive and fortunate to play in the provincial tourneys,” Lincoln expressed. “Stepping up to play at the university level will be a challenge that I have been looking forward to since high-school and playing with a good competitive group of teammates at a higher level will be a great experience.” 

​The Wolfpack will be looking to use Lincoln as a tool to change to winning ways after missing playoffs for the past few seasons. 

“She is tall, strong and fits into a position that we are lacking players in. She is an extremely hard worker so we are confident her skills will develop quickly,” Emma Piggin, TRU assistant coach explained. “We are focused on the present but yes, we are hoping she fills a role that we are missing and that she has success at this level.” 

​Lincoln does not plan to take her foot off the gas pedal and is determined to make the leap to the next level. 

“I want to be able to step up my game, improve my post-game and develop as a better all-around player,” Lincoln stated. “I am excited to work with coach Goran and our assistant coaches. I want to help the team make playoffs and then be prepared to take it from there.” 

​Keep an eye out for Lincoln next season as she plans to play her rookie year in the Fall of 2021.