TRU Wolfpack athletes receive Academic All-Canadian status

47 athletes in total receive grant for their outstanding achievement on the field and in the classroom

The TRU Wolfpack have maintained their reputation for excelling on the court and in the classroom. Earlier this month, USPORTS announced that 47 Wolfpack athletes would be eligible for the academic All-Canadian award for the 2019-2020 campaign. 

In order to receive, athletes must maintain a 3.5 GPA while playing for their respective teams. 

“Getting the award means a lot to me. I take pride in my performances on the field, of course, but an academic award like this holds great value to me in different ways,” Dylan Hooper, third-year soccer player claimed. “This was my first time achieving this award, or any type of academic award in general. I just put forth more effort into studying, trying out different methods and figuring out which worked best for me as a student. I’m glad it paid off.”

The award grants students $500 each and allows them to spend it whichever way they choose. 

“I will most likely put the extra money towards rent, or things similar to that like gas or groceries. Maybe I will take my girlfriend on a nice date too,” Hooper joked. “It just feels great to be able to represent our team with an achievement like this.”

Women’s volleyball can wear the crown as the smartest Wolfpack team with over 12 athletes receiving the award while men’s basketball was on the other end of the spectrum with four athletes, followed closely by men’s soccer with five. 

“I think our team has a very academically focused culture so it’s encouraged to study with our free time. We also tell one another when we are going to study and open the invite to the rest of our teammates to join,” Women’s volleyball player Morgan Rigelhof explained. “Our coaches are also very encouraging in this sense as Chad continually checks up on our school week.”

All in all, it seems the Wolfpack recognize that they are students before athletes. The pandemic has helped many athletes focus on school and offer them a reality check to life after sport. 

Expect the number of academic all-Canadians to skyrocket next year after more athletes plan to buckle down and take care of their studies.