Local dating app aims to bring together 100 couples by Valentines Day

Launched in Kelowna in 2019, Levity is a socially-centred dating app popular among B.C. university students

In a time when social gatherings are limited due to a lingering global epidemic, the local dating app Levity has launched a new campaign for their platform with the goal of bringing together a hundred couples by Feb. 14.

Created and launched in Kelowna by UBC graduate Jason Bernhardt, Levity is a newer dating app, launched in 2019, that takes a more social approach to the typical swiping of modern dating platforms.

Users are encouraged to invite their friends to join the app to set up the user with potential matches through the platform. Levity also features a community element that pairs potential matches, asking the community to vote for or against the pairing. If enough positive votes are counted, the pair are matched together.

In addition to user engagement, professional matchmakers will also be able to interact and analyze people’s profiles to create potential matches through the platform.

“Dating apps have a pretty high turnover, so we would encourage you to leave your profile active and as a match becomes available, our matchmaker can be on it for you,” Bernhardt said.

Popular among the B.C. university students, Levity has a population of around 1000 university students across the province according to Bernhardt, Founder and Developer of the app.

“It adds this whole social element that is frankly lacking in every other dating app out there,” Bernhardt said.

Levity’s #100happycouples challenge that launched on Nov. 14 is looking to bring more awareness to the app and bring connections closer together at a time when community gathering is restricted.

The Levity team is also looking to partner with community flower shops, restaurants and chocolate shops to provide giveaway prizes throughout the campaign to create a more unique local connection.

“I think that’s going to be the biggest strength for these smaller areas is being able to give a more constant attention to the dating scene in that area,” Bernhardt said.