House parties: “Don’t throw, don’t go, say no.”

B.C. health officials further emphasize the danger of partying amidst the pandemic.

With the weather dipping into more frigid temperatures, the B.C. government is urging everyone to socialize responsibly. (Creative Commons)

Health officials in B.C. have continued to emphasize that house parties should not be happening within the province during the pandemic. Individuals should resist the urge to throw house parties and reject any invitations to attend house parties elsewhere, no matter the circumstance. 

Health Minister Adrian Dix even went so far as to describe partygoers’ behaviour over Halloween weekend as “simply disgraceful” and encouraged young people to “stick to their six.”

Dr. Bonnie Henry stated that social gatherings have driven much of the surge in new cases and outlined the problematic fact that people are not sticking to their COVID-19 safety plans for social get-togethers. Henry went on to say that people must avoid inviting guests outside of their immediate family or household and should stick to their “safe-six” bubbles. 

While the official rule is to stick to your safe-six, Dix specified that it is best to limit the number of people allowed inside dwellings to really, the people who live there. 

During the summer months, finding ways to socialize or celebrate safely became relatively simple because of the ability to move gatherings outdoors. As we adjust to the ongoing pandemic and settle into winter weather, you might find it is a bit too chilly to host backyard dinner parties, BBQs, and picnics. Still, there are many ways that TRU students can socialize safely during the pandemic and colder months of the year. 

A few ideas for safe-socialization:

Hit up a local theatre such as the Paramount downtown. Doing so could be lots of fun and is a great way to support local. The Kamloops Film Society has worked to make the Paramount safe for patrons and has outlined new COVID-19 procedures, rules, and regulations on its website. Because the Paramount has substantially reduced the number of individuals allowed inside the theatre, social-distancing is made relatively easy. Viewing a film with your safe-six could be a fun way to enjoy a night out. The theatre has started to offer private screenings this year and encourages those especially spooked by the virus to reach out for pricing. Viewing a film with friends included in your safe-six could be a neat way to get out and enjoy some time spent downtown. 

Go ice skating with your bubble. The City of Kamloops has adjusted its normal operations for city skating programs, making ice skating with friends and family relatively easy this season at any one of the cities ice skating facilities. Your bubble must register in advance at to skate. If needing equipment, rent before you go elsewhere or borrow from a friend. City-owned rinks will not have equipment for rent this season. 

Plan to go snowshoeing or for a winter walk after a fresh snowfall. Bundle-up and get outside with your pod to enjoy some crisp air and snow-covered views. Snowshoeing is most enjoyable on bluebird days when the sun can warm you and your friends up. Consider bringing along a thermos filled with a hot beverage and a few snacks to keep your tummy full. Snowshoeing is good exercise and is sure to release endorphins. REI has quite the comprehensive guide to snowshoeing and is worth considering if interested in the activity.