Dr. Jeffrey Meyers explains the potentials of the 2020 USA Election

TRUSU continues its Breaking Bread series with a discussion about the American election

Dr. Jeffrey Meyers, TRU Faculty of Law professor, offered his insight on the American presidential election that takes place on Nov. 3. The Breaking Bread discussion allowed students to learn about this year’s election south of the border and the importance of it.

This year, TRUSU’s Breaking Bread speaker series looks a bit different. This discussion series is now held online over Zoom, and Meyers is the fourth speaker in the series thus far.

TRUSU structured this virtual discussion to “consider topics including the impact of populism, the fairness and security of the election, the potential fallout from each result and other topics.”

One of the specifics the discussion talked about was COVID-19 and the impact that it had on the election. Specifically, the discussion regarded how election campaign strategies were affected and how President Donald Trump being diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus impacted the election.

The discussion then moved to the concept of voting issues and how access to voting and voting fraud affects elections. Meyers discussed how President Trump may react if these voting results are not to his liking and how other political parties will accept the outcome of the election.

Because the Breaking Bread discussions are not just lectures regarding one topic, there was a roundtable discussion about the debates and their importance.

The group and Meyers also discussed populism, a movement around working-class activism and anti-establishment. They talked about the leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, and how populism has affected and changed his campaign based on how it is growing within the United States.

But the discussion also talked about how this election will affect Canada and how it will impact the wellbeing of all Canadians, based on whether President Trump will be returning for four more years, or if a new leader will be elected in his place.

TRUSU will continue hosting Breaking Bread discussions with leaders from various disciplines. TRUSU says these discussions are, “to connect small groups of students with community leaders to share perspectives, foster connections, and build community.”

Anyone interested in checking out a future breaking bread discussion can sign up for informational emails at trusu.ca.