Misfit Night Market announces new date

The previously scheduled night-time art market is now open for business come Oct. 30

Jess Santos serves patrons at the punk rock flea market in London, Ont. (Submitted)

Weirdos come one, come all; Misfits, rebels, and LGBTQ2S+ community members are encouraged and welcome to attend Misfit Night Market, coming to Brautigan Library on Kamloops’ North Shore, Oct. 30.

Misfit Night Market’s founder, Jess Santos, hopes the market will encourage a community gathering of sorts where weirdos can connect with other weirdos on Halloween weekend. The previously scheduled market that was cancelled due to COVID-19 is expected to differ from the typical daytime art market some might be accustomed to seeing around the holidays.

Santos is no novice at hosting markets of this general kind. While living in London, ON, she says she co-organized a punk rock flea market for nearly three years while running her own makers business, Nervous Habits, on the side between serving jobs.

After moving back to Kamloops, she said, “[she] toyed with the idea of doing something similar.”

In her opinion, Kamloops could use a unique kind of market with the same sort of vibe as the punk rock flea market she previously put on in London.

Initially, Santos says she looked beyond the North Shore to host the market, thinking a bar-like atmosphere downtown might have best fit the vibe she was in search of. At some point, Santos got in touch with Red Beard and Bright Eye Brewing’s Mitchell Forgie, who introduced her to Brautigan Library.

“It’s a smaller space,” Santos said, “But not knowing what the response will be, it is definitely suitable to test if the community will dig this type of event.”

Santos explained that because the North Shore often gets a bad reputation, it in itself is a fitting location to host the first-ever Misfit Night Market because, as she argued, “the North Shore seems to be the misfit neighbourhood of Kamloops.”

As a North Shore resident herself, Santos says, “[she] can appreciate what Mitch and other business owners on North Shore are trying to do.”

Santos stated that Misfit Night Market will operate as a pop-up retail establishment on the 30th. Vendors will not be at their tables, and the market will handle all transactions in house. Cash will be accepted, but contactless payment, such as debit or credit, is preferred.

Concerning COVID-19, Santos herself stated that she is an essential retail worker who has been working throughout the pandemic and says, “[she] will be utilizing similar precautions to the ones she uses at her workplace.”

She asks that “anyone who is sick, has been recently sick or has been exposed to someone who is sick refrain from attending. The health and safety of both vendors and patrons are of the utmost importance.”

Masks are mandatory at the event while hand sanitizer will be provided. Individuals will also be required to socially distance both inside and outside of the store if in line. Only six customers will be allowed inside at a time, as Brautigan Library is a smaller space—please be patient if wishing to join.

Make sure to check out Misfit Night Market’s Instagram for updates on vendors and anything else concerning the event.