The final rundown of Kamloops candidates in B.C. General Election

With polls closing at the end of the week, he’s the list of candidates for both Kamloops ridings

Voting day for the 2020 British Columbia General Election is quickly approaching on Saturday, Oct. 24. With advance polling stations closing on Oct. 21 at 8 p.m., this will be the last opportunity for voters to cast their ballots.

This week marks the one month date since the snap election was called by B.C. NDP leader John Horgan. Since September, leaders of each of the provincial parties have scrambled together their platforms and candidates for each electoral district.

In Kamloops, the two electoral districts, Kamloops-North Thompson and Kamloops-South Thompson have a combined total of eight candidates.

Kamloops-North Thompson

Dennis Giesbrecht: B.C. Conservative Party
A previous contender for City Council in 2018, Giesbrecht’s platform includes the privatization of car insurance, the dismissal of B.C.’s carbon tax, a tax-free environmental plan and further resource development.

Sadie Hunter: B.C. NDP
Elected to City Council in 2018, Hunter was also recently elected as a Union of B.C. Municipalities director at large. Hunter is a newcomer to the party but remains focused on bringing attention to Kamloops and smaller communities within the riding.

Thomas Martin: B.C. Green Party
A candidate with extensive wildfire-forestry related expertise. With experience as a wildfire fighter, Martin is currently working as a wildfire project manager for Cabin Resource Management. Issues and policies surrounding housing affordability, the opioid crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic are motions he’d like to see passed at a provincial level.

Peter Milobar: B.C. Liberal Party
Milobar is the current seat holder for the riding, earning his seat in 2017. Milobar served as a city councillor for two terms and as mayor for three. He has also worked on the BC Transit Board of Directors, at PRIMECorp, and on the Local Government Contract Management Committee.

Brandon Russell: Independent
The 19-year-old independent is looking to represent the voices of young people as an MLA if elected. Addressing climate change and enhancing education, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, was at the top of Russell’s agenda.

Kamloops-South Thompson

Dan Hines: B.C. Green Party
A previous candidate for the Kamloops-North Thompson riding in 2017, receiving 20 per cent of the vote, Hines is an Anglican priest and works as an international leadership consultant and workshop facilitator. Hines hopes to see a more collaborative approach to governance.

Anna Thomas: B.C. NDP
President of the B.C. Native Women’s Association and member of the Lytton and Peguis First Nations, Thomas brings her passion for social justice and activism to the party, advocating for Indigenous women and girls, ending violence against women, social housing and mental health.

Todd Stone: B.C. Liberals
The current MLA for the Kamloops-South Thompson, Stone took office in 2013 and has served as Minister of Transport and Infrastructure under the B.C. Liberal government.

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