A whole new kind of theatre at AWT

The Actors Workshop Theatre is back with new safety protocols and a new show

Concord Floral will be live at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre from Oct 1-3 and 8-10 with shows starting at 7:30 pm. (Elizabeth Nygren/The Omega)

The TRU Actors Workshop Theatre is back with a new show, Concord Floral, and will be hosting a live audience in their theatre with enhanced safety protocols to keep theatregoers safe.

Des Geddes, who plays Couch in Concord Floral, said, “Concord Floral is a play about a group of teenagers who live in a small suburb outside of Toronto who find themselves in a bit of a situation.”

Keisha Anderson, who plays Bobbie in Concord Floral, added that “This play is basically about a bunch of kids who are plagued with guilt… it’s basically about their journey coming to terms with their guilt over something that they did.”

The production has been a physically distanced show from the start, with the initial read-through and auditions taking place online and then moving into physically distanced rehearsals.

Anderson said this production has been a different experience than past productions. “I came into it feeling quite nervous… but I feel like everything’s been really well managed,” said Anderson adding that ”it’s a little bit challenging for sure, but I’m having a lot of fun, and it’s been a great learning experience.”

Geddes added onto Anderson’s point and said, “This has definitely been a different experience than the other few plays I’ve done here at TRU, especially because we can’t touch each other as actors any more. We’ve definitely had to stylize this play a bit to adhere to social distancing [protocols] and make everything work.”

All of the actors have been taking precautions and making sure they are safe, whether in rehearsal or during their free time. As per COVID-19 regulations, if anyone were to get sick or have any symptoms, the rehearsal process would have to be halted, and possibly even ended.

Anderson said, “I’m really grateful that we get to do this despite all the stuff happening with COVID-19. Theatre is such a valuable and important part of our culture, in my opinion, and I’m thrilled we can do this.”

As for safety precautions, the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre has been diligent about the various procedures. All audience members must wear masks, hand sanitize before entering, cancel their ticket if they have symptoms of COVID-19, and provide their contact information at the time of purchase for contact tracing if necessary. Guests are also seated at a minimum of six feet apart from other attendees and are not welcome back into the theatre if they leave during the show.

This show has no intermission and runs approximately 80 minutes long. Seating is very minimal in the theatre to provide appropriate distancing between parties and the actors, so AWT recommends that people book their tickets early if they plan on attending a live show.

Concord Floral will be live at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre from Oct 1-3 and 8-10 with shows starting at 7:30 pm. The doors will be open at 7 pm to avoid crowding. Tickets are $16.50 each, and anyone wishing to purchase can purchase here.

Those who would still like to see the production but would rather stay at home can pre-order a link to online viewing of Concord Floral here.

The online viewing option will be available from Oct 13-27, and viewers who purchase a link to watch it will have it available to them for 24 hours at the time of activation. Online viewing will cost $16.50.