Local business makes composting easy

Friendly Composting makes disposing of organic waste responsibly easy with monthly subscription service

Clair McLoughlin (left), Katie Forsyth (right) are hopeful this service will make it easy for more people to live a more sustainable life. (Submitted)

Roommates turned business partners, Katie Forsyth and Clair McLoughlin, kickstarted Friendly Composting, Kamloop’s first-ever compost pickup program, to keep food scraps out of landfills during a big boom in at-home food prep due to COVID-19 this spring.

In just a few short months, Friendly Composting was named one of Kamloops best new businesses and for good reason. Each week the pair delivers a squeaky clean two-gallon compost bin to your doorstep, throughout the week you fill your bin with food scraps, and on your designated pick up day Friendly Composting retrieves the bin from your home and replaces it with a new one. 

Not only does Friendly Composting offer composting pickup, but they deliver fresh produce, local baked goods, tasty tinctures, farm fresh eggs, and other local delectables all at a fair price. 

The pair believes composting is “vitally important” not only for the environment but our local economy. 

Forsyth explained that many might not understand that food scraps are, in large part, responsible for greenhouse gas emissions when bagged and disposed of at the landfill. Keeping compost, or organic waste, out of our landfills allows our waste to breakdown as nature intended. 

Composting lowers each of our carbon footprints while also reducing garbage odours and household waste. Many believe the myth that throwing food scraps away isn’t detrimental to our ecosystem because of a lack of education concerning compost in our city, Forsyth says; Friendly Composting hopes to better educate the community on just how beneficial composting really is. 

The pair says Friendly Composters can trust the service is taking COVID-19 seriously and that their business model was initially pandemic ready, somewhat ironically. 

“Even before [COVID-19], we had planned to do everything at a physical distance. Bins go out in the morning, we pick them up, swap it for a fully sanitized bin and move on to the next house,” Forsyth said. 

It truly works perfectly within today’s current climate. 

Friendly Composting also hopes to provide more homes in Kamloops with access to local food sources. 

They partner with a handful of local farms to provide fresh produce, pasture-raised meats, and artisan products, making it easy to support local businesses while remaining health conscious. 

Students should take a look at the service to reduce their waste better while studying at home. Many of us will likely continue to make at home meals and produce more waste than we would be if eating the majority of our meals on campus or out and about at local restaurants. 

Friendly Composting makes subscriptions simple with their easy to navigate website and constant weekly updates. For $20 a month, students could do good for themselves and their community. 

Why not practice some selflessness this fall and start composting or possibly even volunteer with the Friendly Composting team on any one of their pickup days throughout the city