Kamloops’ Art in the Park is back and online

The annual Canada Day celebration of artists is now an online attraction for 2020

Although it may look a lot different, the Kamloops Arts Council has teamed up with various artists in the city to put the annual event, Art in the Park, online. This year’s event is happening much later in the year, as it is usually held on Canada Day and is going by a new tagline ‘Art in the Park Reimagined’ due to its new online status.

Rebecca Kurtis, the office administration intern at the Kamloops Arts Council and event coordinator of Art in the Park Reimagined, has been working steadily with the artists to create this online event.

According to Kurtis, the event is made up of “booths” on their website where people can go to find the vendors, along with commercials showcasing their work.

“This event was brought to life and to showcase vendors,” Kurtis said. She added that the event is usually sustained by the vendors and that the Kamloops Arts Council plays a smaller role in organizing it. This year, the Kamloops Arts Council still wanted to showcase the vendors and gave all of them the opportunity to showcase their work online through Art in the Park Reimagined.

There are many different artists involved with Art in the Park Reimagined, and a new one has been announced each week on the Kamloops Arts Council’s social media channels, website, and through their weekly newsletter since August 17. There are six total vendors for the event, and so far, four vendors have been announced, as the event is running until Sept. 27.

“All of the artists participating have a range of experience,” Kurtis said. “They range from jewelry makers to painters to artists to much more.”

Although it will be much different this year, the Kamloops Arts Council wanted the event to run as it is quite important to the community.

Kurtis said that Art in the Park is one of the Kamloops Arts Council’s biggest events of the year. They wanted to continue the tradition of the event while also remaining physically distant, as they can see around 45,000 people at Art in the Park on Canada Day.

But of course, it wouldn’t have been able to run without the hard work from all the vendors who all wanted to be a part of the event.

Anyone is welcome to check out the website to see who the showcased vendors are this year, and it’s completely free to view. People can find the vendors along with their information on the Kamloops Arts Council website at kamloopsarts.ca. The event will be live on their website from now until Sept. 27.