Ride hailing company launches in Kamloops

KABU officially launches to help transportation around the city

Kamloops saw the official launch of ride hailing service KABU-Ride Inc. on July 1, 2020. The company is hopeful that this expansion will allow Kamloops residents to get around the city easier.

“KABU-Ride Inc. is excited to introduce ride-hailing to Kamloops as well as Abbotsford and the neighbouring cities, and our Canadian company is eager to help locals solve their daily transportation challenges,” said KABU-Ride Inc. president Billy Xiong in a press release.

To ensure that the services provided by KABU meet the needs of Kamloops residents, KABU will be partnering with TasteFull Excursions, which has been a benchmark in Kamloops transportation since its launch in 2014.

“As B.C.’s economy slowly ramps up again, KABU wants to be part of the solution by helping full-time and part-time drivers in both Kamloops and Abbotsford to earn a living wage on a flexible schedule where they get to pick their hours,” Xiong said.

“We are familiar with the service gaps for convenient and reliable transportation in Kamloops experienced by residents and visitors alike, and we see KABU and its team as a big part of the solution,” Gordon Stamp-Vincent, CFO of TasteFull Excursions, said. “And it’s important that they’re a Canadian company that will always put drivers, customers, and the public first, so the synergy is ideal.”

To drive for KABU, drivers must have a valid Class 1, Class 2, or Class 4 license.

KABU prides itself on charging the lowest commission rates in the industry with drivers keeping 80 per cent of their earnings. Full-time drivers also qualify for subsidized health, dental, disability, and illness coverage, along with a free $250,000 life insurance policy.

To utilize this new transportation service you can download the KABU app from the App Store and Google Play. KABU provides a variety of services including KABU Pure (basic services), KABU Premium (premium vehicles), and KABU Plus (space for five adults).

With COVID-19 still a concern in the province, both drivers and riders are required to wear a mask during the ride. Drivers are also required to take extra precautions to provide a safe ride by cleaning the vehicle after each ride and installing plastic shields to protect everyone involved.

If you’d like to become a KABU driver, visit application.KABU.ca.